June 9, 2011

Blog Case Break Results Part 1

I am breaking the results up for the case just like last time to make it easier on me and it will give you guys something to look for during the day. The hits will be in the last scan later on.

Black SP's /60

Sparkle SP's /60

Diamond Stars

Kimball Champions

What do you guys think of the Diamond Stars cards? I kind of like them, it's something new.


  1. I think they look very cool.

    That's the frustrating thing with Topps--Diamond Stars are cool, just like the Topps 2020 was last year. I also think that Kimball Champions are a good insert set. All of this is well and good, but then they go insert crazy and put things like Toppstown and Diamond Duos and a million reprints and other generic inserts until you just get so overwhelmed with tangental, uninteresting crap that it all becomes meaningless.

    Base Set + Diamond Stars + Topps 60 (it is there 60th anniversary after all, even though they are pretty dull) would be awesome, and honestly, I could probably do with just one of them.

  2. *their* 60th anniversary. I don't know how to edit comments, but I don't want to come off looking like some sort of boob.

  3. How awesome, you got the Pujols black #60. Congrats. I love when I can pull something like that, a card I actually need for my collection.

  4. I just got into collecting, have been idle for 15 yrs and i have been collecting since 1970.So there is alot of nice looking cards out and inserts.