June 17, 2011

2011 Topps Value boxes at Target: Yeah, I bought one

I want to say I went to Target simply to buy toilet paper and hand soap, but CVS is much closer and I get reward bucks there. Obviously, I had other reasons for going to Target.

I don't think I would have bought anything either. Really, I just like looking.

But I couldn't help myself when I saw a new packaged product on the shelf:

2011 Topps Value Box. $14.99. Sold.
- One of three exclusive chrome refractors (Either Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson or Babe Ruth)
- Five packs of Topps Series 1
- Two hobby packs of Heritage
- Two Diamond Anniversary giveaway cards

Here are some of the goodies from Heritage (I can never seem to pull my own guys).

And, lucky me, I got a double of this. I'm sure the dog would love a new chew toy.

Here are some of the cooler inserts from the Topps packs.

I've grown a new respect for these History of Topps cards. While they are not the prettiest of cards, I like the idea of Topps informing collectors on the history of baseball. In Series 2, it has Before They Were Topps inserts.

What's also fun about opening these packs is that even though they are Series 1 from this year, there are still some fun cards you can find.

Remember us?

The exclusive chrome refractors are very nice. I like the design a lot. Out of three, I also got the player I wanted most.

There was a nice little surprise in the box: A collector's guide for 2011 Topps products. I haven't read it yet, but I fully intend on going through this and reviewing the guide.


  1. I love those value packs, but I haven't seen them anywhere for at least a month and a half. Maybe they'll do more with Series 2 and Gypsy Queen.

  2. I'm surprised you guys haven't seen more of the value packs. Here in Maryland there are tons of them around...I see them all the time, and purchase them once in awhile. That Mantle is nice...I pulled it in the box I bough awhile ago.

  3. no Braves huh?? probably none left to be put in value boxes. Everyone snapped them all up already.

  4. Do you know how many of these I have bought? (If you read the blog you do).

    They are filled with relics and code cards that produce diamond diecut beauties.

    Five diamond diecuts out of those boxes. I'm not sure how many relics. Three or 4, at least.

    Sadly, the last of these disappeared off the shelves here this week.

  5. this is the first time they have been at my Target. I know other people have opened them.

    But a diecut!! I have to get one, so I can't wait to redeem them when I go home. Now, I just might go out and get somewhere.

    (Why do I hate money?)

  6. Man, I saw these and didn't buy one. If I ever see another one I guess I'll buy it.

  7. Actually, this is the rarest of the rare - a good value in a new Topps product - and the Mantle and J. Robinson cards really are nice.
    I picked up a handful of "power packs" marked down to $1.59 and got a few nice cards from 2009 Goodwin Champions and the 2008 UDx set. Got to grab a bargain when you can with the current price of most packs. Gypsy Queens are nice, too, and I'll try to build that set.