May 6, 2011

Where will you find Bryce Harper?

Topps did a little clarifying today over on their Twitter account.

Even though Bryce Harper was not on the Bowman checklist, the stud prospector has an autograph in the set.

Harper will have on-card (!), non-chrome autographs in hobby and retail Bowman products.

Bowman Prospect autographs are available in retail ONLY.

Bowman Chrome prospects are available in hobby ONLY.

Bowman is set to release May 18.

With the way everything went down last year with Stephen Strasburg, has anyone tried to get in early with these cards? Buy any cases or hobby boxes? Or are you waiting to see what will happen with the prices once the product comes out.

I would imagine that these autographs are going to be highly sought after cards.

1 comment:

  1. According to the June issue of Beckett, Harper has 49 cards, 28 of which are autographs, with an average price per card of $401.11. That is ridiculous. I have a feeling nothing is going to come cheap in this pursuit of "the next big thing." It won't be helping matters that Harper is doing well in A ball either.