May 15, 2011

Sunday Question

With Bowman retail hitting the market last week, Bryce Harper has been the hot topic of conversation. His autographs (though, paper ones) are on eBay.

The cards will likely go for a serious amount of money (including this one up for auction right now) and not just his autographs though.

The first chrome card non-auto to appear on the Bay sold for around $130.

The base non-chrome autos are selling between $20-$25 right now.

So, here's my question ... how much would you pay for a 2011 Bowman Bryce Harpercard?


  1. I would pay $0. He is a d-bag in my opinion. He needs to eat a slice of humble pie.

  2. Saw Harper play yesterday in Lakewood. He is the real deal. Looked good in outfield & went 2/4 with a homer. Did have two k's though.

    I was able to get my 2010 Bowman Team USA card signed by him after the game.

  3. Maybe a buck or two, that's it. If he were a Tiger, then maybe more.

  4. As a collector, I'd pay nothing. I don't care.

    If I was interested in acquiring it so I could sell it, I'd pay just enough so I could make the tiniest of profits.

  5. A buck or two - maybe. I'm just not that into the Nationals, and I'm sure I'll end up with plenty of Harper's cards over the course of his career.

  6. I'd pay $15-$20 for his 2011 Bowman base card and maybe $5 for his 2011 Bowman inserts.

    I like there is a 'next' superstar to follow, though admittedly most of the fun will be had by those holding Harper's key, high end cards as opposed to a collector who does it for leisure.

  7. Since his stats are almost identical so far this year, I think I'll keep collecting Bryce...Brentz. His cards are a lot cheaper.

    When players like Strasburg and now Harper are this hyped, I don't see how there could be any room to make a profit. Even if Harper goes on to become the next Pujols/Griffey/Jeter etc., can the cards go much higher than the are now?

    I wouldn't buy any and whatever I pulled would go right up on eBay while the hype is still there.

  8. Yeah, I think "Funner" said it best. As a collector, I'm just glad he's not with the Mets so I don't have to deal with any of that crap putting together my team sets.