May 1, 2011

Sunday Question

In the few short days since the Gypsy Queen case break I have gotten several e-mails ask when the next break is and what will it be. It has already been announced, it will be Topps
Series 2 Jumbo
and I have on order two cases. One case is listed here, the other is listed on our facebook page (Card Bandits). Both breaks are still open with teams available.

I am looking for your guys to jump in on one or the other and help me fill them asap.

As far as my question goes, here it is:

I priced out 2011 Topps Lineage, and it would be $42 per team because I am eliminating 6 teams from the break that don't have a chance at a hit (at least from what I could tell skimming the checklist). That means no Royals, DBacks, Marlins, Pirates, Nationals, and Padres. Now if someone wants one of those teams at a discount since there isn't much in them we can talk.

Yankees, Cardinals, and Phillies would be claimed already. I made a mistake in the GQ break and that person was offered first pick here. So that would leave 21 teams left to be paid. I am not putting a deposit unless at least 18 people respond yes.

Would you be willing to pay $42 per team for this break?

Please let me know.

P.S. We need these Jumbo cases filled up so pick a team or spread the word for us.


  1. I'd have to pass up on this break. I'd rather save the $84 for a couple other case breaks.

    What about doing a hit based case break with this stuff?

    With 3 hits in every box everyone would be guaranteed a hit, distribute the base cards as team sets or randomly, base team set requests on a ranking base (rank your team set requests 1, 2, 3....etc) <--- I can elaborate better on this if it matters.

    Just a thought.

  2. It's pricey, but sure what the hell. I'm felling lucky and would absolutely want the Dodgers. Let us know if you decide to do it.

  3. I'll take the Red Sox.

  4. I would be interested in the Tigers. Thanks!

  5. I'd be keen if the Giants are available.