May 27, 2011

Fail Horn Friday -Fake Patch Edition

Last night I was searching around looking at Robinson Cano cards on eBay when I stumbled upon an auction that was ending relatively soon. I knew immediately I had caught someone with a keen knife and some spare patches laying around to do a nice butcher job to a card that is already hard to get.

Take a look at this completed auction for a 2010 Topps Tribute Cano "Patch" and see what you think. I had tweeted to Topps last night with a link to this card and was informed that it is indeed a fake card and that their legal team was going to be looking into the matter. This seller has apparently take other cards to the chop shop as well.

This seller has over 600 cards for sale currently and they are all high end cards, autos, game used or patches. Take a look at this 2009 Topps Triple Threads Adrian Peterson Patch, which looks like a regular card you could pull in a pack.

Now I am not saying every card this seller has is fake. Nor am I trying to point out some negative aspect of collecting. The reason I am writing this post is that I know there are many collectors just getting back into the hobby and maybe you see one of those Cano cards of a player you like and you end up getting duped. I don't want to see that happen to anyone.

Another idea I had about this seller is that he may buy bulk lots of high end cards and not look at every single one when he buys it, however if that is the case he should notice them when he scans them. Anyone dealing with cards as a business would know that you would NEVER get a DUAL PATCH /25 like that. So even when I tried to play devil's advocate on this, the guy is still wrong. You should know better if you are running a "card store" on eBay from "Rookie Card USA".


  1. I would definitely question that cano card. Good call

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  3. I see posts about fake patch cards a lot. I would have no idea if this is fake or real. My protection is that I wouldn't pay that much money for any card. I hate to sound dumb but what I don't understand is the 'fake' part. What is fake about this card? Is it a totally fabricated card? Is it that someone has taken an actual Cano patch card, pulled out the actual patches and replaced them with something which might be more desirable? is it just an auto card which someone inserted the patches?

  4. the seller is a proven scammer, would love to hear anything else topps has to say about him , did you mention to topps all the counterfeit topps rookie premier cards he sells? js those are easy to spot, the autos are real bad half the time