May 17, 2011

Bustin' Bowman retail

Spoiler: Pretty sure I could make some money back on this bust!

I hit Target a couple of days ago because I read on Twitter 2011 Bowman had arrived in retail shops. Wouldn't you know it? Target had it all. Rack packs, blasters and a gravity box. Me and the BF bought all 30 loose packs in the gravity box and split it down the middle. 

Here's my half of the haul and sample of what 2011 Bowman looks like this year. 

I got an auto out of it and that's not even the hit. 

2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper (the scanner cropped the card. It's actually in good shape, centering-wise).

2011 Bowman base - I really didn't care for the pictures on the base card not do I care much for the design. Overall, I don't think this is one of Topps' strongest Bowman products when it comes to design. Most of the pictures on the card are rather boring, sort of like the Matt Kemp card.

2011 Bowman prospect cards - Prospects. Enough said. These were really the only two guys I knew from the prospect cards I pull. They also come in chrome if you like the shiny stuff. 

2011 Bowman International parallel(At least that's what I think it is) - These are OK, but I don't understand the point of the in this product other than to add more cards to the chase. They are unnumbered. 

2011 Bowman orange parallel/250 - Aroldis Chapman

Bowman is heavy with inserts. Some I like, some I don't. These are my favorite. 

Bowman's Best - I only got one of these, but BF hit way more than I did. They are chrome-ish. I like the look because it brings up lots of fun memories of collecting cards when I was younger. 

Finest Futures - I like these cards, but I think I would have liked them more if they were chrome like Finest cards. 

Topps 100 - These cards fall somewhere in the middle for me. I like them. I don't love the. However, I do think they look better than last year's insert. 

These are the inserts I would mind if they left out

Bowman's Brightest - Seems these guys all do something well. According to Topps, Domonic "Ham Bone" Brown hits well for average. There are little blurbs on the back of the cards telling you a little more about each player.

Topps of the Class - There is already a Topps 100 insert, do we need more insert sets about up-and-comers?

Auto hit - Zack Cox, St. Louis Cardinals 2010 first-round draft pick 


  1. Thanks for the rundown. Are the Chromes less bendy than they were last year?

  2. Orange Parallels look like 2002 Topps flagship.

  3. These are OK, but I don't understand the point of the in this product other than to add more cards to the chase. They are unnumbered.
    The point of these cards is that they are freakin' awesome. They're by far my favorite insert set, and they're so much cooler now that the number of international players is so high.

    Thanks for the excellent post!

  4. Nice. Thanks for posting. Bryce Harped is selling like crazy on Ebay. I feel like I have gone back in time to Strasburgmania

  5. Any chance you will be trading the Slade Heathcott and Austin Romine?

  6. Zach Cox= Future All Star who was probably the best hitter in the draft...