May 31, 2011

2011 Bowman Error

Obviously most sets have errors in them these days, nothing is perfect which we all know however this one is so obvious I think most of us might have overlooked it. Take a look at this Willie Cabrera card and tell me if you see something wrong with it because I have one here in my hand and still passed it by until someone told me they noticed it.

Apparently it's not obvious to anyone because no one has it listed on eBay as an error card. Makes me wonder if he signed his contract electronically by entering a series of numbers and letters into a pdf document...

Please tell me you noticed it.... Also, I would like to know if anyone noticed this before while opening packs because I gotta be honest, I had to go through my set and see for myself that I missed it altogether while sorting.


  1. Please tell me what you's killing me!

  2. There is no signature on the card. I noticed it while going through the cards. There is also one that doesn't say 1st Bowman chrome card. it just reads bowman chrome.

    Shit happens, wear a helmet.

  3. I did notice the lack of signature frame while opening a box, but it seems like I ran into this in prior years as well.

    I have not seen one lacking the "1st Bowman card" text in the upper-right but it didn't shock me much.

  4. FYI:L On International parallel card #BP51, James Fuller's name is misspelled "Jon Fuller." They spelled it right on all his other parallels -- just not the International.

    Baseball Card Pedia was alerted to this by Mr. Fuller's mother, so seems to be the only person who cares about this error.

  5. Chris Harris, you made me laugh out loud. Thought I'd share.

    And I don't really think errors are important anymore (other than maybe cataloging them), unless they're corrected early enough to create a variation. And even then, I don't care, unless "Rick Face" is written on the handle of a bat.

  6. It may not be an error, of omission or printing, but merely left out for expedient reasons. They may not have a signature to use for reproduction on hand.

    I have an Adonis Cardona (BP96) from this year's set that also is missing the facsimile autograph.

    Considering that some of these kids' signatures look worse than second grade printing practice, I don't think it's lacking anything if one is not there. Makes it nice and free of clutter, actually.

    The facsimiles don't add much interest to the design, at least in the heavy-handed way they are done.

    I think it would only qualify as an error (or at least a variation) if there are cards of the same player that have ones with and without the facsimile.

  7. agree, errors dont matter unless they get corrected early. Error cards now are just poor quality cards.

  8. I have that card. It's the only one I have without a signature. I'm pretty sure there were several Bowman Draft Prospects cards without signatures last year (25,68, 74, 90 are several I have) so I suspect it's not an error, they just didn't have his signature.