May 18, 2011

2011 Bowman Baseball Rack Packs

I overheard some of you talking at your computers last night saying, "Gee, I wonder what cards you can pull out of a rack pack. I wish they showed me that." So, I took it upon myself to go retrieve the 2 rack packs I hid yesterday, you know just in case they were out of everything. As luck would have it they were missing the entire gravity box of packs, literally. Someone took the box, too. There were 6 rack packs left not including the ones I stashed for safe keeping.

So here goes. This is what you can get in a rack pack.

Chipper Jones

Gold parallels

Base Prospects

Chrome prospects

Purple Chrome /700

Topps 100

Bowman's Brightest

Topps of the Class

There you have it. So now since I went out and slaved over a new post, you should send me all your Robbie Cano parallels and Heathcott, Montero, and Romine cards from 2011 Bowman. I'm only partially kidding, I'd trade you some stuff for 'em.


  1. Marie - I've pulled the Cano Bowman's Best insert. I'd give it up for the Chipper and the Carlos Perez.

  2. I pulled a Jim Donohue red ink auto out of a 2011 Topps Heritage rack pack at my local Target on Friday.I was shocked.It's selling for around $50. You really can pull good cards from retail packs.