April 24, 2011

Sunday Question

This week we will be breaking a case of 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen which I am super excited about. Following that I have a case of 2011 Topps Series 2 Jumbo for the blog, and also another break running through our Facebook friends for all the friends of the Card Bandits. If you are looking for a team that is taken on the blog break, please grab it on the Facebook break.

So we have those to look forward to and that's awesome. I like doing the case breaks because then we can all get the cards we want of our teams and players without spending a ton ripping wax or buying singles. Plus, you can always trade with the people on the breaks to complete sets which makes life easier for everyone looking to build a set.

I was looking on Blowout Cards site at the 2011 Topps Lineage case, and it seems pretty damn cool. There are 3 hits per box including at least one on card auto. The cards are basically reprints of old cards but signed versions. Obviously we all hope there are no 1987-1991 cards in there.

That leads me to my next obvious Sunday Question....

What do you think of this set? Is this something you would be interested in buying a team in? (Please don't tell me what team you want because it won't matter until we figure out if we are doing it.)

It looks like it could cost per team roughly the same amount (probably around $5-$10 more) as Gypsy Queen which isn't too terrible. It may be a few bucks more because I will more than likely eliminate the Royals and Pirates unless someone is willing to take them.

Keep in mind, I need to fill the Series 2 break before committing to anything else so maybe you guys could ask around and try and get some friends to jump in that break and then we can get this one rolling.

I am including the product info here to save you time, but if you want to see the sell sheet images or a checklist click over to Blowout here.

Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

3 Hits In Every Hobby Box!
- Two Autographed Cards with at Least 1 On-Card Autograph
- One Relic Card

In the spirit of Topps 60th Anniversary, Topps honors its famous past eras with new Lineage Baseball. Distinguished with a 1952 On-Card Autograph list featuring the living greats of the game, a 1975 Mini Relic card set highlighted by 90 stellar players, and topped off with a retrospective of Topps most famed, quirky, and beloved insert cards of all-time, Lineage Baseball is poised to be a runaway best seller!


AUTOGRAPH CARDS - 2 Per Box with at Least 1 On-Card Autograph

Autographed Reprints
- 75 of the game's past greats sign their name directly on reprint versions of the most beloved card design of all time - 1952 Topps! Immortal legends such as: Yogi Berra, Ralph Branca, and Monte Irvin sign reprints of their original 1952 cards, while younger legends such as Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan are honored with signed on-card reprints from other popular Topps sets.

1952 Autographs
- Ten legends-in-the-making make the cut and appear along with their autograph on the 1952 design. Each of the 85 autograph subjects salute Topps 60th with a Canary Diamond autograph parallel version numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY!

Sixty players past and present have signed these cards along with an additional inscription wishing Topps a "Happy 60th!" All autographs and inscriptions are signed directly on each numbered to 60 card. HOBBY ONLY!

RELIC CARDS - 1 Per Box!

1975 Minis Relic Cards
- Colorfully bordered mini cards replicating the popular 1975 design are highlighted with a relic piece from stars past and present.

60Th Anniversary Jumbo Relics
- These 25 cards highlighting the best to ever play the game feature a die-cut number "60" containing a JUMBO game-used relic swatch. Each player's card is numbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY!

Jumbo Patches
- The same players depicted on a numbered to 5 JUMBO Patch version. HOBBY ONLY!

BOXLOADER - 1 Per Box!

Topps Giants
- Featuring 20 of today's stars, these cards mimic the original 1964 Topps Giants design and postcard size. Available in Topps Giants Relic parallel version featuring game-used jerseys and bats and numbered appropriately to 64.


Topps 3D
- Designed after the revered "test-issue" 1968 3D set, featuring 25 stars of today, utilizing life-like 3D technology, and inserted 2 PER BOX!

Topps Cloth Stickers
- Modeled after the 1972 test set, these brightly hued fabric cards display 50 subjects on the Lineage base card design, and unlike the original are actual stickers. 2 PER BOX!

Topps Venezuelan
- Topps updates a tradition begun in 1959 with these 25 Spanish language variation base cards. 2 PER BOX!

Topps Rookies
- Twenty 2011 Rookies displayed on cards featuring the standard 1980's Rookies insert design. 4 PER BOX!

Topps Stand Ups
- These colorful die-cut cards, patterned from the 1964 set, are designed to be displayed when folded. Twenty-five current stars as well as reprinted cards featuring players from the original set will be included. 2 PER BOX!

60Th Anniversary Celebration
- Randomly inserted cards redeemable for a Topps 60th Anniversary ring. HOBBY ONLY!

BASE CARDS - 8 Per Pack!

Base Cards
- Rookies, Veterans, and Legends are highlighted on base cards created with a nod to the tradition of Topps classic design tenets, but with a contemporary look.

Topps All-Time Rookie Team
- These 10 "field of dreams" specialists, featuring both curent stars and legends, have been selected as a member of the Topps All-Time Rookie Team. Each card is embellished with the time-honored Topps Rookie Cup logo.

The entire base set is paralled as follows:

Canary Diamond
- Sparkling cards numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

Printing Plates
- 800 base card plates numbered 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

1975 Minis
- The popular 1975 design, serendipitiously including some subjects from the original set such as Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, and Tom Seaver.

Diamond Anniversary
- Glittering rainbow foil cards adorned with the Topps 60th Anniversary logo.

Platinum Diamond
- Dazzling diamond bordered cards.


  1. This looks like fun to me. If I have the cash at the time, I'll be in.

  2. I'll pay for the Phillies right now!

  3. Which really meant "I'm in" if we do it.

  4. Pics here on Beckett's first look:


    I like the look of the base cards. The rest of the release look like the same ol' S to me.

    I'll pass on the box break and buy just a hand-collated base set.

  5. I'm going to get a quote on the case and then I think we can get a better gauge, but I'm almost certain that's around what it will cost.

  6. You asked what I thought so.... :)

    The checklist looks good and varied and I'm a huge dork for the '72 cloth sticker set (being a former owner of an uncut sheet which is a whole epic in its own regard). That said, it seems like a set based around the gimmick instead of just including the gimmick as an insert set.

    Rereading my last sentence I really don't think it gets my point across. Topps does sets and then the insert sets. This seems like an excuse for them to put all of their "B" squad insert ideas into a set and see if it flies. Stand ups, 3d, cloth stickers, all the stuff that they tried in the past and probably thought to try again recently but never really got out of committee now put into a single set. As if a single product manager kept bidding to put stand-ups into a set and always getting shot down finally getting the go-ahead from the boss just to placate him/her.

    As I said, I'm geeked about the cloth stickers but only because I have a direct link to the original set. I don't want to be all negative so looking for the good in the set I really like the auto line up of the 52's (freakin' MINNIE MINOSO AND YOGI not to mention Little Joe!!) and given that there is at least 1 on-card (meaning the 85 52's and the 60 anniversary autos) I'd say there is going to be a good spread of those auto's going around.

    All that and 3 tigers in the Sticker set... I'm down for a few bucks more than Gypsy Queen.

  7. I would be interested in this also!