April 10, 2011

Sunday Question

I was trying to think of something fun and baseball season related to ask this week rather than going with something based on cards. While I was trying to think of a question, I started to think about the National which made me think about visiting new stadiums.

So the question of the week is.......

How many baseball stadiums have you visited?

I have been to 8 total: Yankee Stadium (old and new), Shea Stadium, Citi Field, Fenway Park, Joe Robbie Stadium (way back when), Citizens Bank Park, Camden Yards, Dodger Stadium. I've also seen some minor league parks but let's stick with the big leagues.

I am very excited to see Wrigley Field this summer along with U.S. Cellular and hopefully Miller Park (Cards v. Brewers!). Anyone planning on going to see a new stadium this summer?


  1. Chase Field (I still call it Bank One Ballpark) - Arizona

    PETCO Park - San Diego

    Coor's Field - Colorado (the nicest park out of the ones I have visited)

    Safeco Field - Seattle

  2. Hmm, great question! Let's see: Three Rivers (Old Pirates place), Turner Field (Braves), New Yankee Stadium, US Cellular (White Sox), Wrigley (Cubbies), Busch (Cardinals), Arlington (Rangers), Petco (Padres). Does visiting the wall where Forbes Field used to be count? ;-)

  3. Exhibition Stadium
    Skydome/Rogers Centre
    Tiger Stadium
    Comerica Park
    Busch Stadium
    Wrigley Field
    U.S. Cellular
    Safeco Field
    PETCO Park
    Kauffmann Stadium (when it was turf)
    Olympic Stadium

    I think that's all.
    Great question. My next destination(s) will hopefully be New Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

  4. Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. This year I plan on getting to Petco, AT&T Park and maybe Chase Field.

  5. I have been to:

    Old Yankee Stadium
    New Yankee Stadium
    Shea Dump
    Camden Yards
    Enron Field (whatever it is called now)
    Jacobs Field

    I'll probably go to Citi at some point this year...just because I live in NY and haven't been yet.

  6. Shea
    Old Yankee Stadium
    Camden Yards
    Memorial Stadium - O's
    Citizen's Bank
    Vet - Phils
    RFK - Nats
    Nationals Park
    Turner Field
    Fulton County - Braves

    All east coast.

  7. I just remembered I forgot CBP. Good call.

  8. Fulton County Stadium
    Turner Field
    Camden Yards (during the Baltimore Marathon, not for a game)

    I hope to catch a Nationals & maybe an O's game this summer!

  9. The dome in Toronto and Great American Ballpark in Cinci are the only two that I've seen a game in.

    I did a tour of new Yankee stadium.

    I'm gonna try to go to Detroit this year since I'll be in the area.

  10. Citizen's Bank and Veterans-Philly
    Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards-Baltimore
    Busch Stadium-St Louis
    AT&T Park-San Francisco
    Oakland Coliseum-Oakland
    Dodger Stadium-Los Angeles
    Petco Park-San Diego

  11. Here we go:
    SF Giants (AT&T Park)
    SF Giants (Candlestick)
    Oakland A's
    LA Dodgers
    LA Angels
    St. Louis Cardinals
    NY Yankees (old Yankee Stadium)
    NY Mets (Shea Stadium)
    MN Twins (Metrodome)
    Chicago Cubs
    Chicago White Sox
    Milwaukee Brewers
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Cleveland Indians
    Boston Red Sox
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Atlanta Braves (Turner Field)
    Atlanta Braves (Atlanta-Fulton)
    Detroit Tigers (Comerica Park)
    Detroit Tigers (Tiger Stadium)
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Kansas City Royals
    Colorado Rockies
    San Diego Padres (stadium tour only until the end of this month hopefully)

    So I'm missing SEA, FLA, PHI, WAS, BAL, ARI, CIN, TEX, HOU. And three teams are playing in new stadiums I haven't been to yet. While I have never seen a game in Cincinnati, I do have a doormat-sized piece of turf used in Riverfront Stadium.

    And as for minor leagues, at least 42 parks, with six more in a couple weeks!

    And, last, as David referenced, I've visited the locations of many former stadiums and other baseball landmarks.

    Ahh, road trips.

  12. Good question.
    Veteran's Stadium (old Phillies)
    Citizen's Bank Park (new Phillies)
    Astrodome (ole Astros)
    Enron/Minute Maid Park (new Astros)
    Skydome/Rogers Center (Blue Jays)
    Riverfront (old Reds)
    Busch (old Cardinals)
    Candlestick (old Giants)
    Jack Russel (old Padres)
    Coors (Rockies, but didn't actually see a game there)
    Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (A's)
    Fulton County (old Braves)

  13. Old Yankee Stadium
    Shea Stadium
    Camden Yards
    Rogers Centre
    Angel Stadium
    Fulton County Stadium
    Coors Field
    Dodger Stadium
    Qualcom & Petco

    Going to try to get to the New Yankee Stadium and hopefully some others.

  14. Bank One Ballpark (Dbacks)
    Memorial Stadium (Orioles)
    Fenway Park (Red Sox)
    Kingdome (Mariners) - off-season stadium tour so no game seen there

  15. I'm assuming you mean major league stadiums.

    Met Stadium
    The Big A
    Jack Murphy Stadium
    Dodger Stadium
    Kauffmann Stadium
    Old Busch
    New Busch

  16. Kingdome and Safeco Field
    Dodger Stadium
    Fenway Park
    Wrigley Field
    Jacobs Field (CLE)
    Brewers Stadium (Old)
    Olympic Stadium (MON)

    Hmm, not so many! Lots of minor league parks, with Portland, ME as my favorite.

  17. I have been to these stadiums with my dad:
    Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field (Cincinnati)
    Great American Ballpark
    Wrigley Field (3x)
    Old Comiskey
    New Comiskey
    Old Tiger Stadium
    Old Cleveland Stadium
    Three Rivers Stadium
    Old Yankee Stadium
    Shea Stadium
    Fenway Park

    I have been to these stadiums with my kids:
    Great American Ballpark
    Camden Yards
    Nationals Park

    I've also been to a handful of minor league stadiums (Columbus, Chatanooga, Nashville, Indy, Florence KY, maybe Louisville, maybe a couple others that I have forgotten).

    In addition, my dad took me to Cooperstown the same year we went to NY and Boston, and I plan to take my boys there in 2016 when Griffey is inducted.

  18. Great question! I'm going to have to think through this one (and only count ones I've been to for a game):

    Tiger Stadium
    Comerica Park
    New Comiskey
    Wrigley Field
    Jacobs Field
    Cleveland Municipal Stadium
    Old Busch Stadium
    Minute Maid Ballpark
    Oakland Coliseum
    Old Yankee
    New Yankee
    Citi Field
    Camden Yards
    Fenway Park
    Anaheim (I think it was called Edison something when I went)
    Veteran's Stadium (Philadelphia)

    So that would be...18

    Top of my current stadium "want list": San Fran, Coors Field, Pittsburgh, Petco, Target Field.

  19. I've been to six major league parks: Citi Field, Shea Stadium, old & new Yankee Stadium, Veterans Stadium & Citizens Bank Park.

    I'd like to make it to Baltimore to see Camden Yards this summer, but I don't think it's going to happen.


  20. I want to go to Petco for a few reasons, obviously to see a game and a stadium but there is a gym in the outfield with an outdoor spin class.... How awesome would it be to get a workout in while watching a live game?

    I also want to see AT&T, Target, and Coors.

    I had planned a few years back to see a Nats game but it never happened. I heard I'm not missing much though.

  21. Fenway
    The Trop
    Jacobs Field
    PNC Park
    Riverfront Stadium (RIP)
    Great American Ballpark

  22. Kauffman - Royals
    US Cellular - White Sox
    Arlington - Rangers
    Chase Field - Diamondbacks
    Tropicana - Rays
    Bush (old one) - Cardinals

    Also been to two Minor League stadiums.

    Toledo Mudhens (when I was 4 so I have no idea what it was called)
    Springfield Cardinals - Hammonds Field

    RyanG - You must live a charmed life!!!

  23. Right now I'm stuck on 19 teams. and 25 total parks. I wanted to get to all before I turned 30, but that didn't happen. I'll go by teams - it's easier.

    Yankees (old & new)
    Red Sox
    Orioles (old & new)
    Mets (old & new)
    Nationals (old & new)
    White Sox
    Reds (old & new)
    Cardinals (old & new)

  24. Sadly I've only got 3
    County Stadium
    New Comisky
    and I just added Wrigley a few weeks ago. Have a good time it's a blast. My fiances parents are doing a game at every field. I think there up to 25 or 26 so far.

  25. 1) The Vet

    2) CBP

    3) OP@CY

    4) Natl's Park

    5) RFK

    6) PNC Park (best in baseball BTW)

    7) Shiti Field

    8) Fenway (overrated)

    9) Coors Field (snuck into the '98 ASG, but that's another story)

    10) Kaufmann Stadium

    11) AT&T Park (1st season, 7th game; back when it was still called "Pac Bell Park")

    12) Progressive Field (back when The National was in Cleveland a decade ago)

    13) Exhibition Stadium (family trip to Toronto/Montreal in the 80s)

    14) Stade Olympique (same trip)

    15) Oakland Coliseum

    16) Old Yankee Stadium

    17) Shea Stadium

  26. I was out of town and missed this great question:

    Yankee Stadium
    Fenway Park
    Veterans Stadium in Philly
    Busch Stadium in St. Louis
    Olympic Stadium in Montreal
    SkyDome/Rogers Centre in Toronto
    Camden Yards in Baltimore

    I driven past a few more -- Wrigley Field, Progressive Field -- but wasn't lucky enough to see a ball game there.

    And Fenway is about the opposite of overrated as you can get.

  27. I haven't been to many.

    The Dome and Target Field
    Camden Yards
    Dolphin Stadium

    Hope to get to Turner Field and Tropicana this year.

    I'm looking forward to the new Marlins stadium next year.

  28. I've been to two different stadiums. The old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium and the new Turner Field. I'd love to visit more, but I don't get to travel that often.