April 8, 2011

MLB meets WWE - Player Entrance Music

Ever wonder how your favorite player picks their walk up music when they come to the plate? I sure do. Yesterday Tulowitzki came out to Justin Bieber and I just sat here shaking my head. Last year or whenever that Miley Cyrus had her 5 minutes of fame, Nick Johnson came out to Party in the USA (for the 2 AB's of his season).

I'm sure the Tulo AB was just for kicks, but I remember him also coming out to Miley Cyrus last season. Any other player this year come out to something goofy that I missed and will make me laugh?

This all lead me to start thinking, what if when players came up to bat it was like WWE entrances? I think some players could pull it off and have fun with it and others would just look goofy. I also think it would be a fun thing for a minor league club to do as part of like a kids day at the park since it will never happen in the big leagues.

I decided that the one guy on the Yankees that could pull of a WWE theme entrance would definitely be Nick Swisher, without a doubt. The first song that came to mind that Swish would dance on out to would be....

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Swisher goes around acting like a ladies man. I just think he would do the most awesome job playing the part for this song and actually have fun and make everyone crack up.

Then there's old Jorge who would probably smash his bat if anyone thought he would do something so "un-Yankee" like. But, I think if Jeter and Mo went along with the idea he may cave.

Oh, I can't leave out A-Rod because I found the perfect song for him totally by accident.

OK, I'm done being goofy now. However, I do have somewhat of a similar post I want to put up at some point soon which involves Derek Jeter.

I would love to hear what players you would pair with what songs, even if they are just regular songs and not WWE themes. I think this is a post that we can all have a little fun with.

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  1. MLB has been doing that for awhile. It's been over 7yrs since I actually watched a Padres game in person but I remember whenever Hoffman came into make a save they'd play AC/DC's hells bells. There was another player too who'd have can't touch this play when he came to bat. I think it was Tony Clark.