April 4, 2011

Mailday, Don't Ya Know?

I am writing this post in the hopes that someone or a few of you out there can tell me that I am not crazy. For Christmas my brother had gotten me an Albert Pujols McFarlane and I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I would once it was out of the package.

He sits atop my bookcase along with some signed balls, and a Jeter bobble head. But he looked so lonely the past few months, and I thought it was time he had someone to talk to when I'm not home. I know you all know that toys talk to each other when we aren't around. Sooo... I picked up a Robbie Cano, don't ya know?

It was almost as fun as getting baseball cards in the mail. And no, I am not going to start a collection of McFarlanes. I don't have any room to display a million of these things, however if they make a Russell Martin Yankees one... I will be buying that.


  1. I have about 20-25 Indian bobbles and figurines.I also have a Derek Jeter bobble I picked up at a Good Will store.I wonder what kind of conversations I would get if I put Jeter in the middle of all the Indians !? Would there be a fight?

    (aren't all of us a little crazy?)

  2. They have a Votto of the McFarlane but I haven't seen it yet at a Toys R Us.

    I want to pick up some of those old Starting Line figures they used to make. I've looked at Larkin, Griffey, and Pokey Reese ones online, they will probably be mine soon. I'm just afraid once I start buying them I wont stop...sort of like baseball cards..

  3. This year i going buy MLB Standings bubble and I gift to my friend.
    MLB 2011
    MLB 2k11

  4. I love my McFarlane & bobblehead collection... the only problem is storing them. They definitely liven up an office. Nice addition.