April 16, 2011

Long Fly Ball to my Mailbox

There is only one person who knows how long it has taken me to post this mail day, and that guy is my friend David over at Long Fly Ball to Because. I would be embarrassed to admit how long it has taken me, so I won't. But I will post some of the cool cards I got in the mail.

There were a bunch of cards for both Sooz and myself in the giant bubble mailer. I swear we loved them all. Part of the fun of the bubble mailer was the sweet giant index card with the Yankees logo and a note from David. I don't have cool stuff like that, I sometimes don't even think to put a note in a trade. If I do, it's either on a midget sized post-it note, or a piece of paper laying around on my desk.

Anywho.... Here are the sweet cards that will get added to my collection and the pile of cards awaiting entry into my spreadsheets. You can stay tuned to find out what is going on with my backlog of work here.


2009 T-206 Robinson Cano Old Mill GU

2006 Bowman Heritage Robinson GU

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Albert Pujols All Star Game jersey

2009 T-206 Robinson Cano Polar Bear mini
2009 T-206 Albert Pujols Polar Bear mini

These cards will definitely fill in some of the holes in cards from recent years that I need. The mini cards have been pretty hard for me to grab, but the serial numbered Cycle card of Cano I have. Sometimes it's just so odd when you can find a steal of a deal on eBay on a serial numbered card but then the SP gives you such a hard time.

If you guys haven't read Long Fly Ball to Because, I suggest you do so. NOW! =) Oh and follow him on Twitter, he's a good guy and a big baseball fan.

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  1. Glad you're happy with them and thanks for the plug.