April 22, 2011

Let's look at something nice

It's only fair to show off a nice card after Fail Horn Friday kicked off this afternoon.

Last year was known for its impressive (and hyped up) rookies. Topps Tribute, which has looked slightly better than in the past, has put out a really great card commemorating these rookies in a way.

Topps put out this 10-player, autographed, game-used jersey cardwith Carlos Santana, Stephen Strasburg, Mike Stanton, Buster Posey, Danny Valencia, Starlin Castro, Domonic Brown, Austin Jackson, Jason Heyward and Aroldis Chapman.

This auction is actually for a redemption card because could you imagine how the card would have been in the pack. Pack searchers would have had a field day with this card.

What do you think about the card? Who do you think are the driving forces behind this card? The auction is already going crazy.


  1. Oh well, it's a nice little memorabilia item. (and 10 years from now, whoever owns it will probably be scratching their head trying to remember what most of the players did, but hey, maybe they really all will turn out to be superstars.)

    But it's not a baseball card - if it was, it would fit in a pack like the rest of the set.

    - Paul

  2. ugh. Having to mash together the "IE" is just awful.

  3. I like it.

    We always rip the card companies for copying older items, but you can't do that here.

    But how da heck do you display it?

  4. I agree with GT, how would you display it? Or keep it in great condition? You'd probably have to keep it in a plastic case folded up. Maybe shops will start carrying frames just for these cards. The design isn't horrible. I don't really understand redemption's. Isn't the point of busting a pack instant gratification?

  5. Framing this card would be absolutely the way to go.

    As for redemption cards. They have their place. This is one. Instant gratification is one of the elements of busting packs, but I would gladly trade it off to ensure that easily searched items remain unpacked and hopefully better protected as a result of not being packed out.
    There has been a few collectors who have suggested that perhaps the next step in memorabilia be that pulls now include entire items instead of 1/2" x 1/2" swatches. Redemption cards would become necessary for those items as well.
    UD might have taken less of a PR hit had they done redemption cards for their 'Evolution' product.

    I like the novelty of this card and as long as it remains rarely used I think it will remain a rather fresh idea.

  6. While definitely an amazing card, it must also be a nightmare for anyone collecting a player feautred on it. There aren't even as many copies produced as there are players featured, at least one player in this mix will be left out of a collection dedicated to him, and that's a best case scenario.

    Would definitely love to be the seller on this one though! Pretty good return on his/her investment!