April 12, 2011

I bought some vintage

Well, this is my version of vintage. There are very few cards from 20+ years ago that I want, and once I have real money to get them I probably will pick one up here and there but for now I'll stick with 1990's vintage for funsies.

I was at the card shop yesterday and SOMEONE who will remain nameless (since I know he will read this) dangled two cards in front of me and I had to have them. So I kinda stole them. Well borrowed, they are on my tab. For the record, I think a tab at a card shop is far better than a tab at a bar. Just sayin'.

So here are the two cards I stole/borrowed:

Both are from a ten card Prospects subset in 1995 Fleer.

Baby Derek Jeter (who is wearing Robbie Cano's #24!)

Baby Alex Rodriguez

I can never resist a card of a player I like from when they were just coming up. The baby faces will get me every time. Maybe that's part of the girly side of my collection, picking up cards when the players looked like adorable little kids. Either way, it doesn't hurt my collection by adding two future Hall of Famers (I still think A-Rod has a chance).

I actually completed a trade for a bunch of Derek Jeter cards that I have been meaning to get around to scanning. They are amazing. Perhaps that will be my showcase this weekend.

Anyone pick up any new cards at their local card shop this week?


  1. Do you mean mini as is small sized or mini as in young? I did not know these were made in mini. Haven't been to a LCS in a while, when I do, it's usually only for supplies.

  2. Paulie- two other people also mentioned this to me. They are regular size cards, however I probably should have used the word baby instead of mini.

    They would have made cute lil mini cards though.