April 23, 2011

Hobby Box Break and Review: '10-'11 Panini Classics

This might have been the most fun box of cards I have opened in months. It might have had one of the single best pulls I could have asked for out of a box of basketball cards. I should hug Panini for sending this box to review.

Let's get right to it. The '10-'11 Panini Classics hobby box contains 18 packs with 8 cards per pack. According to Blowout Cards each box should also contain:

- 2 Autographs (including 1 Autographed Rookie #'d/699 or less) and 2 Memorabilia Cards
- At Least 1 Legend (#'d/999) per Box
- At Least 12 Inserts per Box

My first pack was a little annoying, I had tweeted that I pulled 2 LeBron James base cards. Upon further inspection, one was a Timeless Tributes card, and the other the base card. So that was kind of a relief. A double in the first pack would have worried me for the rest of the box.

Here are the scans of the loot in the box.

Sample of what the base cards look like. For those interested in building the set, it can be done with one box if you are just looking for the 100 card base set. The Legends cards are 101-140 and are short print serial numbered cards.

I was able to put together one base set, and have 28 doubles left over.

LeBron James Timeless Tributes /250

Chris Webber Legend /250

Jerry West Legend/999

Classic Combos Magic Johnson & James Worthy. I like this idea and the design looks kind of retro so that makes this a fun card. At least to me it's fun. It also makes me feel old to see players in a "classic" product that I watched as a kid.

Classic Moments Kevin Durant

Classic Greats Walt Frazier, he's stylin' and pofilin'. I may save this card to give my brother since he seems to find humor in the ridiculous things that fly out of his mouth on the Knicks games.

Dress Code
- Dwayne Wade and Andre Iguodala

Blast From the Past
- This is my personal favorite sub set in the product. There's just something about these cards that really appeals to me and for some reason they make me think of my Adidas superstar sneakers of the good old days.

Dress Code Prime Jason Kidd patch /25 The patch is technically 3 colors, you can see the turquoise color next to the white stripe... if you look very closely. Love this card, mostly because it is not just a boring plain swatch but the piece on the card is from the jersey lettering and it feels cool.

Membership Kevin Johnson /499
The design for this relic set is boring to me. It looks like those cards from the Topps America or whatever stupid set they put pieces of the space shuttle in. This card reminds me of the card I pulled with a piece of spaceship. Sorry Panini, this one is a dud.

I think this is definitely worth point out: the autographs are all on card. There are no silver stickers, there are no stealth clear stickers. Ink on card. I think the design of the autograph cards suits the set well, and also leaves plenty of room in case a player has a crazy big signature or a crazy long name.

Rookie Autograph Larry Sanders /699

Rookie Autograph Landry Fields /699

Rookie Autograph John Wall /199 Oh snap! A nice John Wall ON CARD auto just for me!

Overall this product delivers plenty of bang for your buck. (Especially when you end up with an extra hit.) For roughly $81.99 per box you are guaranteed 2 game used, and 2 autos plus a variety of serial numbered inserts. You are also coming away with a complete base set, plus extras to trade away. Throw in that the autographs are on card and not stickers or redemptions and Panini has themselves a winner with this product. I'm sure there are redemptions in the product as a whole but I'm basing this all on my experience.

If you have made it this far into reading the review you have earned the chance at a reward. Every person who leaves a comment on what they think of the product will be entered into a drawing to win the base set of 100 cards, plus the 2 Legends. Entries will be accepted from today until Wednesday at midnight.


  1. Not a bad break at all, especially at that price point! The Wall card certainly helps too!


  2. I like the look of these cards, I'm a sucker for "classic" and retro things. Although I've seen some breaks with some real duds of "hits". But you did well!

  3. I told myself that I will not be buying any more boxes with Ginter and Gypsy on the way, but you are slowly talking me into it. The Wall and Kidd hits are fantastic.

  4. I like the design of the base set.

    Is it glossy? I like the Panini is going with less gloss.

    I dont like the legends in black adn white.

    What is David Lee doing in a Knick uniform

  5. I agree with Eric L, Those do have a nice classic look to them. Nice hit with the KJ card.

  6. Nice review and great hit with the Wall! Not a huge basketball collector but might have to pick a box of this up.

  7. Very nice looking cards and great hit on the wall. Thanks for the chance at the base set.

  8. I thought this was one of the better Panini basketball releases this year, good colors, nice value with the on-card rookie autos, overall, a nice set.


  9. Like the break, nice hits! Just a heads up that you labeled a card wrong. You have the membership 499 as Kevin Durant and it is a Kevin Johnson. I agree that the on card autographs are real nice! Love the John Wall!

  10. Overall nice stuff, very colorful. Sweet patch too. I disagree on the KJ Membership card though. It looks great to me, even better with the nice purple swatch.

  11. good review, and a great box! nice hit with the wall.

    I've been thinking I want a box of this ever since I saw a video preview on the Panini site, and when I can swing the money I will probably pick one up.

  12. I am torn on the product but you definitly got some nice pulls with the Kidd patch and Wall autograph and as a Suns fan I love the KJ card.

  13. Very nice set, I already grabbed the Sixers but a base set would be nice.

  14. Anonymous names will not be entered into the contest for the base set. You must leave a name.

  15. Is Weber a legend in anyone's mind but his own??? The Kidd hit is really nice and the on-card Wall auto is definitely the hit of the box. You did very well on that box.

  16. nice looking set for the price. the base cards seem to look god and the inserts look ok as they follow the base design nicely. And your box was really nice with the hits!

  17. Nice box! Congrats on the pulls. You got a case hit with that John Wall, nicely done!

    I think these cards look great and I have the base set so no need to enter me in the contest. Just wanted to comment.


  18. Love the Classic Combos! These are all great looking cards, though. Looks like you've got some great cards, here.


  19. Nice set, it has most of the elements I like in a 'Classic' set. The Kevin Johnson is my favorite!

  20. Very nice ma'am! Congrats on the Wall pull and Thanks for the Contest!

  21. Nice set, would love to win it, thx.