April 27, 2011

Hobby Box Break: 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

So me and Sooz went to the card shop and decided to open a few packs.... well, 21 to be exact. We got a little carried away (her more than me). Anyway, out of those packs here are the hits we pulled, pretty amazing.

Homerun Heroes

Future Stars

Framed Paper

Game Used

Ryan Braun mini sepia


Printing Plate

Jewel card

What do you guys think?!! We'll be back at 9pm on UStream to break the case. Card Bandits on UStream


  1. No auto? But the Plate and jewel kinda make up for it. Too bad about the A-Bomb...

  2. I like them, will you post a link for the Ustream or are you sending that via e-mail?

  3. That is a NICE Ryan Braun card you have there! I can't wait to get my hands on some Gypsy Queen

  4. I bought myself six packs to day at my local hobby shop for $6.95 a pack. I do like the cards. I got two framed #'d to 999. I got Hunter Pence and Justin Morneau. Two of the Future Stars Latos and Buchholz. A Prince Fielder Home Run Hero and two The Great Ones C. Matthewson and B. Robinson. I will try to get a scan up later.

    Side Bar: I finally pulled a 2010 Bowman Bryce Harper.

  5. I'm not sure about the Jewel card. They look odd to me but they seem to be the main focus of the set.

    The rest looks good tough, really good.

  6. wow! some great stuff! guess i'll head to my card store tomorrow and see whats up

  7. That's not Tabata on the Tabata card. It's actually Ronny Cedeno. You can see a bit of the C on the back of his jersey.

    (Side note: Tabata is an outfielder.)

  8. I like this set but just like Allen & Ginter I only want baseball cards. I don't care for jewels or gypsy's or anything else besides baseball.