April 5, 2011

False Hope in the Mail

Today I went to my mailbox and discovered 3 envelopes from Topps fulfillment and was instantly excited. Honestly, I had no idea what the heck I redeemed or even remember doing so for that matter. I ripped open the envelopes and found the following:

Sam Bradford

C.J. Spiller

Max Hall

Oh... those cards...

Yeah, so I remembered how I ended up with these cards. A while back the card shop had some redemption's to give away so they snuck me a couple. Gridiron something or other. All I know is, I want to trade them to someone who likes football cards or collects any of these dudes.


  1. It's the Topps Rookie of the week program. I got cards 2,3 and 4 yesterday but have the entire set redeemed. Should be a fairly nice set once completed... and it was free!

  2. I like the Bradford and the Spiller, those are nice looking cards...