April 22, 2011

Fail Horn Friday

I am going to attempt to add a new "segment" to the blog from now on. I am dubbing it "Fail Horn Friday" and here I will honor a horrible fail by either a card company or an eBay seller.

I think this will give us all something to either shake our heads at, laugh at, or complain about. All things I like to do with you guys in the comments. So here is our lead off fail:

eBay seller, selling a mystery redemption... I wonder why it hasn't sold yet.

You sir, get a giant FAIL STAMP.

All I can do is shake my head.


  1. That's actually what they were but the real fail is that the card has most likely expired

  2. Too funny. The redemption has certainly expired I believe the mystery card was a Mantle.

  3. I wonder if my lovely mug will fit in that redemption. All new for 2011 and 3/8, Self auto/patch redemption in crusted in pyrite.

  4. How about a coupla years back when Leaf put the wrong Reggie White auto on it's cards. The card featured the HOF "Minister of Defense" but the auto was an undrafted free agent WR that most people had never heard of.