April 2, 2011

eTopps for Dummies

We have received a couple of requests on how eTopps works so I will give you the low down in case you are new to collecting or new to eTopps.

Each week eTopps releases a couple of cards, each serial numbered to a specific number but not all have the same print run. Each card also has a different price, while you may pay $4.50 for one guy, the other offered that week could be $8.00.

You can request as many as you would like, however that doesn't mean you will be allocated that many. Typically you will be lucky to get one card even if you get your order in exactly when they are available to order.

You get a notification the following week whether or not you were allocated a card from the previous week. ("To the victor go the spoils" will become your favorite saying.)

The cards you purchase are stored at eTopps until you request and pay for delivery of the cards. They can stay there as long as you like (at least I hope so because mine are all there).

You may also sell cards from your portfolio on eBay and just transfer the cards to another eTopps user once the transaction is complete.

That's pretty much the best I can do to explain eTopps briefly and easily. If I screwed it up, well.... you can read their website and figure the rest out.


  1. Hey M,

    All eTopps cards are only made to a specific print run. And you can sometimes still "buy" older cards from them, if still available.

    You might want to mention you can also get autographed versions of the cards in your inventory if that particular player does a signing with Topps.

    The cards look great in-hand and also Topps ships them in a heavy protective case.

  2. how would one go about buying older cards from them if still available? if poked around on the site a lot i feel and didn't catch anything like that

  3. I love etopps in-hand! I don't have to worry about the trading site going belly up and stranding me with no cards and most importantly some sucker buys the IPO of a card, pays to have it shipped to them, then I buy it from them at about 10-15 cents on the dollar they paid to get the card! ;)