April 14, 2011

Cellophane wrapper (not) error

While at the card shop the other day I heard an interesting tidbit of information about the
2011 Topps Heritage
hobby boxes. Now, I have been debating whether or not I should post this information or maybe it has been out there somewhere and I missed it while reading Chemistry things.

The reason I decided to post it regardless was in case people were ordering hobby boxes of
on eBay or elsewhere. Apparently there is a very easy way to tell which boxes are hot without even opening them. A customer had called up the shop and told them this information, and they couldn't believe it and honestly neither can I. The cellophane wrappers were put on upside down to seal the box, meaning instead of reading the box normally and seeing the little blue "Topps" logo going with the box it would read "Topps" upside down on the cellophane.

Not for nothing, this is pretty pathetic/annoying to have done if it is true in every case. Not only does this cause people to search cases and kill everyone on pricing but it eliminates the fun of hoping to get one of those boxes. Now I know when I go to a card show that if I see that box to buy it, otherwise why would I bother as someone who doesn't build sets?

I better not hear one person say Topps didn't do this on purpose (if true) because if you think that it was an accident on every case produced, I want whatever you are smoking. I checked eBay for hot boxes and nothing came up. I also googled it to see what I could find, and nothing. I'm very tempted to conduct this experiment at the next card show.

Anyone that ripped a case of Heritage happen to take notice of this? Better yet, can anyone confirm they have opened a box because of this or noticed the cellophane prior to buying or opening? I'm so curious.


  1. even if it was done by accident it is shotty Quality Control.

  2. Could this be the start of an Urban Legend?

  3. I didn't know Heritage had hot boxes. What is the composition of a Heritage hotbox?

  4. The "hot boxes" of Heritage have a green refractor in every pack and usually have an auto too.