April 6, 2011

2011 Topps Tribute is LIVE

The jig is up! 2011 Topps Tribute is now live.

I debated posting this at all because I don't want anyone stealing the cards I'm watching but I figured I would be nice in the hopes that the favor would be returned. So if you didn't know about this before, please don't steal the cards I want. Thanks.

As usual Flash is trying to get me into trouble on eBay by alerting me to the cards being live. I then instantly had a fresh new watch list of things I probably won't be able to afford. But, we all know I will try and snag one or two cards from the set regardless.

I stumbled across some really nice cards (really nice meaning really unaffordable), and I thought I would share the cooler of the cool.

Derek Jeter Quad jersey (These quads are very similar to the Ultimate quads by UD.)

Derek Jeter Laundry Tag /24 (So sick)

Derek Jeter Laundry Tag /24 (Look at the patches used on this one. Going to be the best seller out of the 24, guaranteed)

Albert Pujols/Stan Musial dual auto /74

Albert Pujols Graded Rookie Redemption (Holy !!!)

Nolan Ryan gu auto

Nolan Ryan Quad GU (You may need sunglasses.)

Nolan Ryan, Ryan Braun, Robin Young triple auto

Aside from the swatches being one color on almost all of these cards they are slightly cooler than last years because many of these have clear sticker autos and not the silver. Hopefully those are being phased out completely by next year.

Anyone breaking a box of this? I would love to get my grubby little mitts on a box to open, I love these high end products but just can't afford/bring myself to drop the money on them. As much as I want one I always think that I can just buy the one or two cards I want out of it for the same money and at least get something I really want.

What did you guys think of that Jeter laundry tag? So sick, Sooz is going to LOOOOVE that.

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  1. I really really want a box of these. But I think I'll just settle for stalking all the Mattingly cards on eBay. And a Bernie auto would go nicely with my bucket collection.