April 6, 2011

2011 Heritage Stamp card

Last night I was watching a Robinson Cano/Ian Desmond stamp card from the 2011 Topps Heritage. It was about 2 hours before the auction ended that I started watching the card so I figured I could bid on it closer to the end since I was sitting at my desk studying and watching the Yankees.

Well... I just remembered I was supposed to bid on the card now. It ended at ($%@$%@) $5.99. Why might it have ended so cheaply? Because I didn't win, that's why. I seem to always end up missing the bargain cards on eBay because I forget about it once something else starts going on, i.e. Yankees are up 4-0 in the 8th until Soriano comes in and blows the game and I miss my Cano card. Perhaps if I wasn't busy screaming f- words at my tv, I might have had a shot at the card. Thanks alot, Soriano. Come on, someone needs to be the scapegoat.

Did anyone pull one of the Cano stamp cards? Or better yet a Pujols one?

Honestly, I don't remember hearing about many people pulling one of them at all. I have a box here to post for review but you will have to wait and see what I got in it...


  1. I have done that far too many times! I've experimented with using a sniper before, but I'm not very dedicated to that.

    A few weeks ago I was closely watching a Melky Mesa RC that I wanted. It was only at $.77 with free shipping. And with 15 minutes to go, no joke, my kitchen caught on fire. Bad experience with the broiler. Anyways, by the time everything settled (included the fire dept arriving), I missed out on the card and it ended at $.77.

  2. I can relate to this big time. There was a auto I was watching, and I had the confirm bid screen up ready to be hit. I got into a conversation with a friend and totally spaced out. I came back to the computer and the auction literally just ended. The card went for first bid of $9.99. The auto of his person NEVER sells for less than $25. I couldn't believe it.

  3. I don't even have to say it. You already know my epic fails when it comes to missing auctions.