April 1, 2011

2010-11 Absolute Memorabilia Basketball

Thanks to the folks over at Panini America we got a spiffy new box of
2010-11 Absolute Memorabilia Basketball
Basketball to open. Each box contains 4 mini boxes, each with one pack containing 5 cards. Box states two autograph and two memorabilia cards per box.

I attempted to open this box live on UStream but from what I was told the audio on it was pretty terrible for some reason. You are more than welcome to track it down to watch it, but you will probably just hear me grumbling and cursing because no one can hear me.

Here is what was in the box:

Base cards (10):

Parallels /499 (2):

Derrick Caracter RC

Dan Majerle

Spectrum insert /100:

Paul Millsap

Inserts /399 (2):

Frequent Flyer Rudy Gay

Karl Malone Marks of Fame

Star Gazing Insert /100 (1):

Pau Gasol

Game used cards (2):

Derrick Rose Tools of the Trade /49

Derrick Favors Rookie Premiere Materials /25

Autographs (2):

Elliot Williams Rookie Premiere Materials dual GU/AU /499

Emeka Okafor Spectrum AU /25

So what do I like about this product? I love the game used cards because they incorporate a cool new element- a piece of the ball. To me, that makes this product more fun without really doing much of anything. The design of the game used with the ball makes for instant fun for the collector. The downside to the game used cards is that they are all one color (at least in this box). The Derrick Rose card looks boring as hell with just a big black swatch on there. I know that each card can't be a patch but when a card is only numbered to 49, it really can be.

Bottom line- it's a higher end product and it should have patches like previous releases of high end cards by Panini.

Another upside to the product are the Star Gazing inserts. These just look cool and they remind me a little bit of the old school Dream Team cards for some reason. I like oddball cards so perhaps that it why this insert is a hit with me.

The other inserts are fairly standard and don't really scream out "cool" or "new". The rainbow type foil on the parallels is nice to look at.

What don't I like about the cards?

While I like "shiny" type cards here and there, there is one downside to them- they fingerprint too easily. I always try not to touch chrome or foil cards on the surface but sometimes it just happens and it's annoying to look at.

I don't really care for the design to be very honest. I like action shots on baseball cards, and I don't really feel any differently about basketball. In the Donruss 2010-11 cards, the base cards were action but the RC's were on solid backgrounds which made them stand out from the base cards. That was cool. This set they are all on plain backgrounds that have some sort of smokish thing behind the player which looks like the color had water dropped on it.

You aren't really buying this box for base cards, so that really shouldn't be a factor in your decision to buy or not to buy a box. You get 4 hits, all serial numbered and all very sharp looking. That should be reason enough to purchase this product. I had fun opening it, and the hits are very fun.

Overall grade on this product is probably a B/B+ based on the contents of this box.

P.S. I touched both balls.

P.P.S Please say you got the joke.


  1. Hahaha good joke

    and I agree, that star gazing insert looks really cool!

  2. Ah, that Dan Majerle really takes me back to the early 1990s, when TVs were still back & white. <--that was sarcasm, children

    Still though, they are pretty cool overall. Ball swatches have been around almost as long as jersey swatches, btw. I guess they haven't been used in basketball for a really long time though. I have a really beat up old supersized Collector's Edge Kobe Bryant ball card from waaaay back in the day, & a couple other normal-sized ones of other players as well.

    PS: NEED the D-Rose card in the worst way if it is going to be available.

  3. I know the ball swatches have been around, but I haven't seen them much in basketball. Then again my basketball dabbling was on a roughly 20 year hiatus til this year so that could have caused me to miss a few things.

    One of my favorite things in baseball cards are the Fleer ones with the game used base included on the cards. They feel cool. Not as cool as balls, but cool. ;)

  4. The Star Gazing insert is pretty cool, it reminds me of the inserts in the 90s. The Autographed Rookie Premier card is nice too, I like the use of the basketball instead of another plain swatch.

    I have to wonder why Panini would use a image of Thunder Dan in a Cleveland uni? He played one season in Cleveland. He will always be seen as a Phoenix Sun (At least here in the Valley of the Sun). Hell, he is even a assistant coach here now. Bad choice Panini.

  5. The "Prime" pieces are particularly sweet. You can tell 'cuz the prices are pretty nuts on them.