March 14, 2011

What is the point of a release date?

Before every new release the same thing happens. Either there is a mis-step with the retail version leaking, sometimes up to a week prior to the release, or there are hobby dealers selling on eBay before the date of release.

While I am aware that this is the way things go, it kind of puts a damper on the fun of getting to the shop on the release date to pick up some packs when you can just go on eBay and get ripped off by the people who got their cards early. By ripped off, I mean some of us lack patience and when we see a card of our player and it is relatively cheap we jump on it early.

There are over 900 items that come up on eBay when you search for 2011 Heritage. Take a look now, it may save you from opening packs and boxes.... or make you want to run to the hobby shop that much more on Wednesday.

P.S. No Hank Aaron on there as of now.


  1. I actually just picked up a blaster of Heritage from Target this weekend. In Alaska!! We never get anything early! And I was going to do a post about it but to be honest it was pretty uneventful.

  2. What was the release date supposed to be? I found blasters, rack packs and wax in 2 different Walmarts last Thursday, so I imagine distribution is widespread. I posted the results of a blaster box on my blog, and you can see it wasn't anything too exciting.

  3. Do what they do with DVD's, CD's, and video games.
    Have a penalty for releasing before the street date.

    Midnight madness at your local card shop!

  4. I guess I'm stopping at Wal-Mart tonight, but I have already pre-ordered my hobby box. Maybe I will have the Hank Aaron auto come Thursday.