March 7, 2011

Results: Bowman Chrome Wrapper Redemptions

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I just punched in the 29 teams in the drawing for the hits out of the case, the Team USA Christian Colon auto, black Strasburg, and there were 2 chrome Strasburg cards.

First team gets the auto, second place gets the black parallel, and third and fourth place each get a Strasburg chrome (base). I think that is pretty fair.

Again if you want your team cards mailed to you from the wrapper redemption, please send $2.00 as a gift to cardbandits AT gmail.

If you won and don't care about the Strasburg (I don't blame you), and would rather pass it along to someone else who wants it just let me know.

Also, midnight tonight is the deadline to enter the Topps inserts and base card contest.

1 comment:

  1. I can't remember if I was in that break. Was I in that break? Are there even any Red Sox in the wrapper redemption?