March 28, 2011

Opening Week Lunacy

Yes, it is the best time of the year right now. Spring is here (I assume it feels like Spring somewhere, but it's not NY), and baseball starts this week. But for Yankees fans, this week sometimes includes finding out how much a game will cost you this season as opposed to last.

While my tickets did not increase last year, they did go up $3.00 this year to $15.00 per seat in the bleachers. While I am not complaining about that, when I looked into other stadiums bleacher seating, it made my tickets all the more reasonable.

However, today on Twitter I heard an insane tidbit of information. Apparently the parking at Yankee Stadium lots is now $35.00 per game, up from $23.00 per game last season. I might have driven to 2 games all of last season, but I don't remember driving to a single one to be honest. Ever since they have had access by train I have relied on that to save money on gas and parking.

I know that many of you guys have ticket plans to your favorite team, and even if you don't you have parked or know how much parking is where your team plays. Does $35.00 seem outrageous to you or is that about the going rate in your city?

I also went ahead and looked into who owns the parking garages around Yankee Stadium, and it's not the Yankees. They are owned and operated by Standard Parking which is "regulated" by New York City.

Let me know what you think. This has had me curious all day.

I had to edit this post, the tickets are now $15 per game.


  1. Geez, I wish I could pay *only* $35 to park at a ball game. Ever since the Nationals' opened their new ballpark, they've wanted $50 to park in the adjoining garage. ($25-$40 in the lots across the street.)

    Then again, everyone in D.C. takes Metro to get to the game.

  2. I wish to strike the previous statement from the records. The Nationals LOWERED parking to $35 for garage and all close-in parking lots this year.

  3. OK, $35 to park to see the Nationals...


  4. There's a reason they can charge that much, and why people are willing to pay it.

    Parking space in D.C. has always been at a premium. I don't know if you've ever been to Nationals Park, but they built it just south of the Capitol about two blocks west of the US Dept. of Transportation headquarters. There have also been other new developments in the immediate area (condos, offices, et al), and there are plans for even more when the economy recovers. In other words, there aren't many available places to park on a normal day, and on game day, forget it.

    You can park for $5 underneath I-395, but that lot is a mile-and-a-half away.

    Or, you can park your car in the suburbs (free on the weekends), and take Metro.

  5. $35 to park for a few hours to watch a baseball game is obscene.

    (I have no idea what it costs to park at Citi Field - I always take the subway.)

    - Paul

  6. $35 may be "obscene," but it ensures that those who choose to drive will find a place to park.

    Parking spaces are a scarce and finite resource. If parking were "free," everyone would drive to the game and not everyone would find an adequate parking space.

  7. Boston's happy to charge up to $50 on game day, though it's not clear if the team itself manages any local lots. Tons of fans use the subway to get within a few blocks of Fenway, so it's a fairly easy expense to avoid.

  8. There's plenty of parking around turner field. I think you can park for 10-15.

  9. Hmm... so maybe it is pretty fair. I remember when parking was $14. That was fun.

  10. Yes, I can confirm the DC parking thing...$50 will get you parking in the lot right next to the stadium. In order to not walk a mile, you'll pay at least $25-$40. In Philly I want to say that parking is around $15 or so...more as you get closer to the park. It's not cheap anywhere...I take the Metro when I can.

  11. Well, I live in a minor league town, so parking is generally around $5. However, I did get tickets to the May 8 Rangers-Yankees game and pre-paid parking ran me $10.

  12. Rangers games are $12 right across the street. Last year they even had $5 Fridays, I hope they do that again this year.

  13. Ouch 50 or even 35 to park is a ton. Kauffman was 18 (I know it was the Royals and they suck) and too much. Last year I went to Texas for a game and it was 12, which was about right.

    I went to a Rams football game 2 years ago and paid $5.

    Looks like from now on I am going to have to go to LA to see my team play. It will probably be a ton there.

  14. I paid $5-10 for parking to Mariners games and even the parking grage next to Safeco Field is $20-25 depending on who the Mariners play.

    Parking to see the Diamondbacks is $10-15 at the outside lots and $25-30 for the parking garage. I stick with light rail though.

  15. yes, $35 is outrageous! ;)

    Parking used to be free, then a $5 charge started happening in 2010 and remains for 2011. Of course I live in a AAA minor league city so tickets plus parking are far less than if I went to a MLB game. The $23 I pay for a pair of tix and parking won't get you many single-seat MLB tickets.

  16. Parking for the Phils is $11 I think, but it may be $15. Citizen's bank is on the outskirts of the city so your not competing with any outside factors for parking - so in my opinion the spaces should be cheaper.

    The O's have garage parking a few blocks off for $8, but the garage closes shortly after games so that doesn't allow for good times in the neighborhood afterwards.

    The Nats used to offer free parking at RFK and then they would bus you over to the new stadium. RFK is an ez On-Off from the North so that was a nice option, not sure if they use it anymore.

  17. $10 for the Marlins, which is often more than I pay for my ticket. I'm sure next year with the new stadium it will go up.

    I don't remember what we paid last year to park in the ramp next to Target Field, but I don't think it was more than $20. This year when I go I plan to take the train.

  18. Chris - you should park in lot W when you go see the Nats (or whoever you are seeing play them is probably a better way to say that). Its $10 and .75 miles into the gates. Plus there is a Five guys on the way to the stadium. I don't know if they changed the rules but they let us bring whatever we had in our greasy see through bags last year without question. So you don't have to pay the ballpark price for the Five Guys inside.

  19. Marie,
    If I recall, the owners of those lots lost a ton of money, due to bonding issues and less revenue than expected (people taking MNRR), might be a reason why the rate shot up.

  20. When I go to Cincinnati I think its 10 bucks to park by Great American Ballpark.

    Here in town for Indianapolis Indians games the close by garages are 5-10 and if you are lucky enough to find a metered spot and willing to possibly walk a few blocks, its free,though soon they will be charging on downtown meters 24/7 :(