March 1, 2011

Lumbergraph Love

As most of you know In the Game just released a new product for baseball called, Heroes & Prospects. The set features some of the greats of the game along with a nice mix of prospects who are well on their way to great careers. One of the cards out of this set that I absolutely love are the Lumbergraphs autograph cards. They are just super sweet looking.

One of the cards I keep going back to and looking at are the auto cards. I have had my eye on two particular autographs, but I will not mention them because I don't need anyone sniping them on me.

If you haven't seen these cards here is a pic stolen from DAC:

While this product is not licensed to show MLB logo's, this design is pretty sweet. While we all know I don't care for sticker auto's, I don't care so much in this case. I think if they did these cards in a set that included veteran auto's it would be immensely popular. Imagine a Robinson Cano Lumbergraph auto?!! Sigh. Help me out ITG, do it up.

Do you guys like these cards? What do you think of the Lumbergraphs?


  1. I don't like these. I hate the placement of the sticker auto over part of the bat. There are some nice pieces in ITG, I just don't like this one.

    Also, some of them are of pitchers, which is kind of funny in a bad way.

  2. I agree with you on the pitchers being on these cards being a poor decision on their part.

    I honestly didn't even notice it was a sticker on the card until I went to look for a pic for the blog. Either I'm getting old and the sight is going or I got too excited and overlooked it.