March 15, 2011

An interesting eBay scam

It appears that sellers have found a new way to avoid paying eBay. Apparently this guy refuses to pay eBay's final value fees and would rather try and scam the system.

Let me show you what he does:

-Don Mattingly auto BIN for $4.23

-Don Mattingly auto #2 BIN for $4.23

-Mickey Mantle autographed plaque $17.99

Now, if you looked at those you can see what I am talking about. How the %$# does eBay allow this to go on? I will not say if me or someone I know has reported this days ago, but even still, don't they have someone who is assigned to each category to monitor things when red flags come up?

The funny thing is, the dude picks and chooses what he will play by the rules with and what he won't. Take a look at some of the other items he has for sale. Some have normal shipping, and then there is a CD that costs $20 to ship.

Not for nothing, I have sold plenty of things on eBay in my day and I sure as hell didn't want to pay the final value fees but you know what? That's life.

Has anyone else come across sellers like this? Do you think it's important to report them or would you just (obviously) avoid purchasing items from someone doing this?


  1. Old scam. Every now and then eBay clamps down and clears out auctions like those. I've reported some in the past. Some get taken down some don't.

  2. They should just sell on Blowout or FCB if they want to avoid all those fees. That's what I've started doing, and it's nice not to have to pay the man.

  3. Ebay just took care of it with a new policy change, as of the 19th:

    "Also, we know online buyers pay attention to shipping costs when deciding what and where to buy. That's why, to encourage low-cost shipping, Final Value Fees for all sellers will be applied to the total amount of the sale, including shipping. Just keep your shipping costs low to get the lowest overall fees."

    They really care about the seller !!

  4. caliscards - I just came here to post that hahaha. Nice.

  5. Interesting that they changed their policy, but then why list things ass backwards? Just strange.

  6. The sellers are hoping someone thinks they're getting something too good to be true I guess then they're stuck with it. Thats the only reason to still do taht

  7. I knew what you were going to say before I read it. I see this kind of crap all the time. I agree, how does this not raise a red flag in the eBay system.

  8. I used to work in policy compliance for eBay.
    These types of things are common, and do get reported and removed.
    The problem now is that 99% of the work is outsourced to countries that don't speak english and don't understand eBay at all, and don't work very fast. So the accuracy of their work is terrible, and more often than not they don't get to a report before the item is already run its course.

    Charging FVF's on the shipping was talked about years ago, I'm surprised it took so long to finally implement it.

  9. Wait a minute so, You mean it doesn't cost $777 to ship a Mantle picture?

  10. The new eBay fee structure is a joke, completely penalizes every seller who ships based on the real costs of doing so. Honest sellers will once again pay for the scheming of the dishonest minority.