March 30, 2011

An evergrowing minor league collection

Over the past few months I have been dabbling in eTopps minor league cards for funsies. I don't usually do any prospecting or minor league card collecting but these guys are pretty much a sure thing to get to the majors, especially Mike Trout.

Here are the cards I have been able to snag on eTopps website:

Mike Trout

Manny Banuelos

Gary Sanchez

I was most interested in the Sanchez for my collection, and was super happy that I got one of those. The Mike Trout is more of an investment card at this point, I will probably end up flipping it when he gets closer to making his debut in the majors.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Topps used this design on cards that they release for hobby products. I think the design is cool and different- something we all like to see.

Did anyone else snag some minor league eTopps cards?


  1. I like these too, but haven't bought any from this season. I took the Eric Hosmer card in hand last year and it looks great. Of course, I'm anxious to see if they make a Bryce Harper at some point this year...

  2. probably a dumb collection but how does etopps work?

  3. Derek,

    I have a summary here if if helps.

  4. I like the Tampa Yankee jersey, might need to get one of those. You're right, these are really nice looking cards.

  5. My interest is piqued as well, how does eTopps work?