March 11, 2011

eBay for the WIN!

My eBay purchases recently have been far and few in between, however if someone accepts one of my low ball ridiculous offers.... I'm all for it.

I am currently on a whim to start collecting J.R. Murphy, however I want to acquire most of his cards via trade because I don't have the funding to start another collection. (Thanks for nothing Adam Lind.)

Anyhow, I saw someone selling a lot of 2 In the Game J.R. Murphy autograph cards for like $12.99 or best offer and it was ending within 10 minutes. I put in a bid of $5.00 figuring it would be worth it for 2 autographs if they accepted.... and viola!

My small Murphy collection got better on a trip to the card shop. My buddy Dan left me a bunch of cards of Murphy, Gary Sanchez and Pujols. If I had the money I would love to swipe a bunch of Sanchez cards based on his projection. Dan was nice enough to include this card in the package, which made my day.

2010 Bowman Chrome refractor J.R. Murphy auto

While I don't feel Murphy has a place in the Yankees organization as a catcher with Montero and Romine ahead of him, he still has the potential to be a great player with the Yankees or on another team.

If anyone has any Murphy cards laying around, please get in touch with me I'd like to trade for them.


  1. You know, not such a bad idea. Make lowball offers and someone might accept, based on how motivated they are to sell. I think I need to try this.

  2. i see NOTHING wrong with making whatever "best offer" that one would like to make. if the seller doesnt like it, tough crap. we ARE talking about cardboard here, not food.