March 26, 2011

Card Show Loot (MOJO!)

So I caved and went to the show because, well because why the hell not? Sure, I had other things that I could have done today that would have cost me nothing but...... this was way funner.

What I would like to note for the people that said they may go on Sunday is you really shouldn't bother. Over the last year or two that show has gotten significantly smaller, and this show was even worse than usual. If you don't want old newspapers or old junk, there really wasn't much. The few usual suspects that I deal with were there, along with the one table who overvalues everything on earth (i.e. $3 for a Jeter ToppsTown from 2011). I also noticed there were a few people who are there at every show were missing or half the size.

There wasn't much newer wax around, or maybe that's because there hasn't been much released. There were not many 2011 Heritage singles, chromes or refractors. One guy tried telling me a Phil Hughes 2011 Heritage refractor was $15. I laughed in his face. There was also a Jeter 2011 206 refractor for $15... again, no.

I picked these up from the one guy that always has something I want to buy. He is also the first person I stop at each time I go to this show. Here is what he had for me...

2011 Topps Opening Day Stadium Lights Robinson Cano

2011 Topps Opening Day Stars Albert Pujols

Then I walked around and wasn't really seeing anything and was getting kind of bummed out that I had spent more on gas, tolls, and admission than I found in cards. After about a half hour of milling around I found something that has been on my radar for a while.

2003 Topps 1st Year Robinson Cano

Same dude also had these in a cheap box of singles. Idds are I have one or both of these since I can never go to a show without buying something I already own free and clear. This is why my plan was to stick to 2010 and 2011 cards only and autographs.

2003 Upper Deck Victory Albert Pujols

2003 Baseball Heroes Albert Pujols/Stan Musial /499

Sigh. Well at this point I had spent more than the $7.00 it cost to get in, but was still kind of bummed. Until I found the holy grail of cards. I was asking around for Cano autos and a couple of guys said they were gone already (mind you they opened at 2pm, I walked in around 2:10). Then some random dude overheard me and was like oh, go to that guy he has a ton of Cano autos. OK, I'm in.

This is the part where the clouds parted, the sun began to shine and the birds chirped. Sweet glorious stacks of Cano autographs. Most of which I already had, but then.... there they were. Three of the cards I wanted. One to finish the rainbow, one that I have been chasing around for years, and the other one I have been holding off on until I could get it for a fair price. Here they are in that order.

2010 Bowman Platinum Robinson Cano /199

I have had a thing for this card since I saw it. I love this card so much. I don't know how it took me so long to get one, or why I didn't buy it back when it was less than $10 like everything else of Cano way back when. But now it's mine! All mine! Muahahahahaha...

2006 Turkey Red Robinson Cano

2004 Bowman Sterling Robinson Cano

While it wasn't much in terms of quantity, this was the most quality cards I have picked up at this show in years. I normally end up with a bunch of dollar cards and maybe if I'm lucky, one autograph. I have been excited about the loot since I left the show, I feel like I accomplished something by filling some gaps in my collection. There are only two other autographs of Cano that I want in my earlier cards of him.

2003 Bowman Heritage RC AU

2005 Bowman Signs of the Future

Did anyone else make it to the show Friday? If you go today or Sunday, let me know if you felt the same way about the amount of vendors. Oh, and tell me what you got of course.


  1. Whew! Glad you stuck it out! Those are some very cool looking auto'd cards!

  2. That Turkey Red auto is a great looking card.

  3. Congrats M! Always nice when you can scratch a couple of wants off your list, especially ones you've been looking for awhile...