March 11, 2011

Baseball cards and snacks.

The other day I had a ginormous bubble mailer in my mailbox and it was from the Dad of the blogosphere, BASEBALL DAD. He had mentioned that he was sending over a couple of Pujols cards he had discovered he had, and that I needed. I was pretty curious what was inside a huge bubble mailer.

I opened it up and found the following:

- A note indicating that the prize inside this would be way better than any box I could find in the store.

Not only did he send me the coolest box of Wheaties ever (well, until Cano is on the box), but he sent me some cereal, too. It came in handy while watching Brothers & Sisters.

Here are the cards that I got as prizes in my Wheaties:

2005 Fleer Ultra Follow the Leader Albert Pujols

2005 Fleer Ultra Follow the Leader GU Albert Pujols

2011 Topps Walmart exclusive Albert Pujols

The Walmart card is clutch because the closest WalMart to me is roughly 45 minutes away with no guarantee of pulling the card.

Thanks to BASEBALL DAD for thinking of me and sending me my two favorite things, baseball cards and snacks.


  1. I've been waiting a long time for Weaties to start putting cards in the boxes.

  2. I'm impressed you at the fuel.

    I bought Fuel with Pujols on the box a few months ago because of Pujols being on the box and then I consumed the cereal. Worst thing I ever did as I hate the sideeffect byproduct of consuming that cereal.

    I'll just stick to normal Wheaties in the future - no awful sideeffect byproduct.

  3. Just got home from Detroit and trying to catch up.Glad you liked it Marie ! My youngest son and I both love Wheaties Fuel and haven't noticed any side affects yet yet yet yet yet.

  4. Fuel doesn't give you gas and a really odd foul smelling one at that?

    That's why I"m staying away from Fuel. Wheaties gives me no problems - hopefully Pujols will come back to the Wheaties box.