March 22, 2011

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Packs

First of all, let me say that I am absolutely amazed that it took ONE week to get the packs in the mail for our case break of jumbo 2011 Topps Series 1. I did offer last night on Twitter to open the packs live on UStream and only one person responded. Since no one jumped, I decided to study and just scan the packs.

I was hopeful that we would have gotten lucky and pulled an auto but no such luck on this one. We had 6 jumbo boxes in the case and got back 6 packs. I scanned them in packs so that it made it easier to go through rather than having 30 cards on the post.

Ichiro, Markakis, Howard, David Price, Roy Oswalt

David Wright, Prince Fielder, Mark Reynolds, Sabathia, Miguel Cabrera

Jose Reyes, Carlos Gonzalez, Adrian Gonzalez, Dan Uggla, Justin Upton

Wainwright, Dunn, Lincecum, McCutchen, Kinsler

The greatest pack ever.
Robinson Cano, VMart, Holliday, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter

Youk, Tulo, Cliff Lee, Morneau, Kershaw

Here are you options on having the cards shipped to you. You can send $2.00 for a bubble mailer via PayPal gift; you can send me an SASE (PWE or bubble mailer) with the postage already paid and toploaders supplied; you can have me ship them with your Gypsy Queen or Topps Series 2 team cards for no extra cost.

If I am shipping them with your next break YOU need to CONTACT me informing me what team you had in the 2011 Series 1, and what team you have in the Gypsy Queen or Series 2 break so that I can pair them up correctly at that time.

Any questions on getting the cards please ask in the comments or send me an e-mail. I will be sitting here studying for my upcoming exams so I will be able to get back to you rather quickly.


  1. If whoever got the Phillies doesn't want the Oswalt, I'd love it. :)

  2. If the Rockies owner (if there was one) doesn't want the CarGo I'd love for it to come in my Gypsy Queen pack.

  3. Whoever has the Mets, I'd like to try and acquire the David Wright from you.

  4. I'll take the Fielder with my Gypsy Queen stuff please.

  5. Great card man. I did the Bowman wrapper redemption and they sent them to me super quick too. Really like the look of them.

  6. Very nice; thanks for offering them to us. I'll PWE you for the Mets, as I wasn't in on the Gypsy Queen break.

  7. I had the Braves in your case break - does that mean I get the Uggla card? If so I'll send you a SASE, but I'll need a mailing address.

  8. If you need my mailing address to send pwes or bubble mailers please email me, cardbandits at gmail

  9. I had the Giants for the Series 1 break, so I guess I get the Lincecum.

    I'll send you a couple bucks via PayPal to pay for the mailer n' postage.

    Thanks for hosting the break!

  10. I had the Red Sox in series I and the Gypsy Queen. Stick in the Gypsy Queen, I guess.