March 12, 2011

2011 Topps Opening Day Blaster

Well, it's finally here. The product we all buy because "it's only a dollar a pack" but leave the store going, "why did I buy this, every year I do this to myself...".

The buyers remorse kicks in somewhere between noticing the blasters and packs on the shelf and walking to the checkout. The head shaking starts on the way out there door and continues to the parking lot. Then I start with my favorite excuse for all things bought and not really wanted, "it's for the blog." Uh huh. Whatever.

You must want to see what was in my 2011 Topps Opening Day blaster... Well, you better want to see because this was the "reason" I bought it after all...

For $9.99 you get 10 packs, plus one bonus pack and a total of 77 cards. (Odds of an auto 1:480, 60th anniversary auto 1:13,500)

Base cards, which are exactly the same as Series 1, but slightly lesser quality. The one thing I do like about them is the lack of foil. Leaves no chance for mis-matched foil on the names.

Presidential First Pitch

Superstar Celebrations

Spot the Error (Which by the way, was too easy.)

Opening Day Stars - I don't really understand what the point of the animation type card is when the card does nothing when you move it side to side. You don't see him swing or move, and it's not that clear. Fail.

Stadium Lights - Probably the coolest insert in Opening Day in a long time. The background of the card is flat, while A-Rod is glossy. I feel that a certain Night Owl approves of the under the lights concept.

Blue parallels - Not sure I could have gotten 3 more useless cards here. I'd like to wipe my a... sinks with the Pedroia card.

Toppstown. ZzzzzzzZZzzZZzzzzZZZzzz

There you have it, or not. I was tempted to get another blaster but I will just get the inserts I want from trading or the card shop. For $9.99 it really isn't that bad this year, but at the same time for the cards that I actually want it will be cheaper to buy singles. Last year I pulled the Pujols blue on my own (miracle).

Anyone want to trade for anything but the Yankees, let me know. I'm looking for Cano and Pujols blue parallels and any other inserts.


  1. I like the insert sets from Opening Day much better than the flagship set. I am probably going to get most of them (minus the Spot the Error) from this set, whereas none tempted me from the main set.

    I always like finding a way to work whereas into a comment.

  2. I'll trade some Yanks for the Presidential cards.

  3. He approves:

  4. Marie, you're not old enough to have the little kid come back out yet!! I always figured this set. at $.99 a pack, was aimed the youngsters who don't have much cash.My wife will tell you that I am a very big kid ! I don't think the "Opening Day Stars" are supposed to animate.If you just look at it straight on, it has a 3-D image.It's another kid thing ! BTW... I just bought an OD blaster today !

  5. The inserts seem fun. If I wanted to collect a full 2011 set, this wouldn't be a bad one to pick - cheap cards, no shortprints & no foil names.

    - Paul

  6. The "Stadium Lights" cards are pretty neat, they glow in the dark!

  7. I would be happy for the ToppsTown cards. Would you like to work out a trade of some kind? I have not traded with you previously. Thanks...

  8. WOW, two blue parallel Red Sox one blaster. Lucy you. How can I get them from you before they go in your monthly Red Sox bonfire??