March 15, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Pack Rip

I had to go to Target today to pick up some pictures I had printed and I had to force myself to go look and see if the 2011 Topps Heritage cards had arrived yet. By force, I mean practically ran to the aisle that I refer to warmly as my office. Sweet glorious loose packs, gravity feeder, and 3 blasters were there. No, I didn't buy all of it and I wasn't even tempted after the hulabaloo I have been hearing about retail sucking.

I grabbed a few loose packs (for the sake of the blog, of course). I did pretty good considering I expected nothing from the packs. By the way, if you didn't already know the Target credit card gives you 5% off every purchase.... Anyway, here are the highlights.

Teix and Joba base cards

These may have been the only two I loved out of the packs I got. I love the action shot of Jeter, and the Jeter and Cano card is just awesome.

Sabathia insert, Matt Holliday Sporting News

Ichiro and Mauer inserts

Rookie Parade, which is an SP

Ramon Hernandez Chrome, /1962

Victor Martinez game used bat card

This is for the Woodman.

EDIT: There were two total short prints, the Rookie card and an Alexei Ramirez Sporting News.

So between my starting to type this and me finishing it, I ended up at Target again with Sooz but I didn't buy anything. I did take notice that there were no more blasters left, but a box of rack packs showed up. Perhaps Sooz will share her tale of rack pack blues later.

I like Heritage just about every year, and this year doesn't seem to be any different. I don't really like or hate the design, but I do think we are in trouble once Heritage goes up to (God forbid) 1987.

Let us know if you opened any or if you posted it on your blog so we can be nosy and see how you did.

Flash at Dropped Third Strike opened a bunch of Heritage retail if you want to check out what he got.


  1. Well, holy smokes! You did better than I did. I got nothing but base cards from the pack I bought at Wally World today on a whim.

  2. I did a blaster break last week. So-so results.

    I picked up a rack pack that was so so as well and will post about it soon.

  3. Would love that Brandon Beachy Card. From my home town, played against him when I was a freshman in High School. Have been waiting on him to get a card.

  4. I bought a jumbo pack yesterday and got a Miguel Carbrera jersey card. It still appears that an overwhelming majority of jersey cards will be one sold color.

  5. Jeter is still holding the ball in the fourth shot on his card. No way he still turns the double play from that position. He isn't even cocking his arm.