March 14, 2011

2011 Heritage stamp cards (and stuff)

You know I had to go back to eBay so look around some more. I'm trying to fuel the rage. Actually, I'm just bored but it's probably more entertaining to think I'm at my computer foaming at the mouth, and ready to rumble (ready to go to Target).

I did my usual search on eBay, and to my (not) surprise, look who is on the dual stamp card with Robinson Cano... Go figure.

Why stop there, Marie? OK, so I kept looking. I also found this Pujols relic cardwhich I have no interest in buying. I will try and trade for that if someone out there pulls it.

Last but not least.... Topps took pity on this poor guy and included him in the set, however they went and made him a short print... Really? I expect that with Pujols because he's, uhh... good?

The one odd thing about milling around looking at these cards is that I didn't get a single card to come up when I searched for auto's. The only thing that came up were "hot packs" claiming to have an auto or relic inside. Over 1,000 items-no auto's... Yay, retail.

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