March 17, 2011

2011 Heritage Blaster

How many of us ran out to Target the last few days hoping to get their hands on a Heritageblaster to open? Yup, me too. I got mine 2 days ago and was saving it for a rainy day. It just rained in my head so I opened it.

I won't lie, I debated on returning it because I was kind of disappointed in the hobby packs I opened and lost most of my interest. But then the pack ripping junkie in my head said, "MarieBay, you already bought it, it will use gas to drive there and return it so you should complete the stupidity cycle and open it." So, I caved.

I bet you were expecting to read allllllllll about the cards in the box and see scans. You lose. Well, actually I lose because the box blew. I got a crapload of base cards which would be great if I cared to build a set. I got 4 SP's, one of which I pulled 2 days ago from some loose packs.

That sums up a Heritage blaster, 4 lousy cards. Ohhh wait, I did get a C.C. Sabathia base card...... Yes, that must make it worth it...

I have read plenty of blogs and talked to plenty of people about how much the blasters sucked. If anyone out there is debating what to buy of this product, buy a hobby packs or loose retail. You really can't to any worse.

Anyone pull an auto out of a blaster yet? I pulled an auto once from a Heritage blaster and it was Mat Gamel. Once in a while you can hit a good card in a blaster but it would be nice for some people to share something good from this years blasters.


  1. I went to Target and they didn't have any blasters or packs...I will try another Target tomorrow and take your advice and buy packs. Got the cards you sent today--thanks! Your trade package went in the mail this afternoon.

  2. I feel the same way. The blaster I got left a terrible taste in my mouth. Not bad enough for me not to buy a hobby box and boy I paid for that with a shitty hobby box too. No more Heritage for me.

  3. But you did so well with my blaster

  4. Out of 8 blasters of 2011 Heritage: 1 Topps Stamps card, 1 jersey card, 1 bat card, and 1 auto.

  5. I just opened a blaster I got from Target. I got a Bob Gibson 60th Anniversary auto (#'d 4/60),a Bill Pierce "Real One" auto and a Lucas May chrome refractor in the same pack.

  6. I have bought to of this years Heritage blaster I got a Gaby Sanchez Clubhouse Collection Bat Card and a green tint Babe Ruth Mgr. Huggins card also a slew of short prints and inserts.