February 4, 2011

Sooz caved in and bought some cards - shocker!

So, I couldn't wait until the case break last night. Around 6 p.m., I headed for Target with a gift card and bought one blaster, two rack packs and five loosies. I spent $25 total, which I am pleased about.

I fully intend to milk this through several posts because I don't intend to buy any more cards soon.

But first, I wanted to show you some of what I have.

Amazingly, I didn't pull a Derek Jeter base card. For those who have followed along these past few years, it doesn't really come as a surprise because it seems I never pull Jeter base cards.

However, I did get this insert, a 'Topps 60.'

Jeter did have some friends show up

Mat Latos

Robinson Cano

Ryan Zimmerman

David Wright

These inserts are decent, but not my favorite of Topps Series 1. The company is going all out this year to celebrate its longevity in the baseball card business. The players on these cards are supposed to some of the best on what they do.

Jeter is on the card because he's the Yankees all-time career hit leader.

Mat Latos because he's fifth in 2010 NL walks + hits per nine innings pitched. Not exactly the same.

Sixty and diamonds are theme this year.

Speaking of diamonds, I did get one of the diamond sparkle cards.

Sorry, Stephen Drew. That looks like it hurts.

Stay tuned for more of my loot as I look at some of the other inserts, the good and the bad, to make it into Topps Series 1.


  1. Drew's wearing some bling. Nice Wrigley shot, too.

  2. Those Topps 60 cards would have been more interesting if they were die cut.

  3. Congrats on the Sparkle pull!

    Probably paid for most of your purchase ma'am. Was this a "My favorite Lefty is retiring" so I'm bummed-kind of rip? And did you get any Phils' inserts you want to trade for some DJs or KKs?