February 3, 2011

Retail Pack Breaks: 2011 Topps baseball

So yesterday I couldn't hold out any more waiting for the case so when I went to get my iPod (not) fixed I stopped in Target... They were stocked up full since no one was out yesterday or today really. Blasters, rack packs, and loose packs. I wasn't really interested in buying a blaster considering the break is coming up, so I grabbed some packs and one rack pack.

Clearly, the time to hit Target is after a snow storm because everything was untouched and clean in the card aisle. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the Apple store, wher I won't lie, I opened all the loose packs while I waited. I couldn't take the anticipation any longer. I'm always weary of doing such things when still near the store because I feel like I will just go back and buy more since they are all open. So I saved the rack pack for funsies when I got home (grumpy because my iPod needs to be replaced AGAIN).

I scanned the inserts and "mojo" Mets and skipped the base stuff except the rookies. Take a look, I think I did pretty well though my buddy at the shop will end up with the good stuff.

Jayson Werth Diamond

Mickey Mantle
Hanley Ramirez

Ryan Braun/Ike Davis
Rogers Hornsby/Matt Holliday

Mickey Mantle Red Diamond

Diamond Giveaway

David Wright bat

Carlos Beltran bat

There are other boring cards, no Diamond Sparkle cards in the packs. I bet they are only in the hobby stuff.

So the break will go on later today, and I am really psyched for the break. I think most of the participants are eagerly awaiting the live break. Again, please check out the post from last night about the break time. I will post a link to the break on the blog so if you aren't on Twitter you will be able to get there.


  1. Save that D.Wright bat for me, please.

  2. The twinkle cards are in both Hobby and Retail. I pulled the Halladay one from retail.

  3. Yikes. Great stuff! Were the relics in the loose packs or the racks?

  4. I like the way the diamond anniversary cards look. Are they glossy like a Chrome refractor? I really like the way the retro artsy cards look and the Johnson reprint also.

  5. So you're going to fold those Wright and Beltran cards into the case break, right? :)

  6. The anniversary cards are not shiny like chrome cards, nor do they have that terrible curve to them.

    As far as throwing those cards in for the Mets break... My buddy from the shop is getting the Wright card, and if the Mets don't have a hit perhaps I can throw the Beltran in there for you.