February 13, 2011

Mail Day: Autograph style.

In our case break there weren't many cards that I had hoped to pull from either the Yankees or the Cardinals. While there weren't many I wanted, there weren't really any inserts of my guys in the case. So I turned to my dear old friend, eBay.

Me and eBay go way back. We go back to the good old days of when I didn't even think to buy cards on there. eBay has never let me down, he's always there with stuff I want and ready to take what little money I am willing to part with for an autograph.

I got my first Robinson Cano autograph of 2011. I waited for one that had a signature that I liked, and not a rush job from the end of a long sticker sheet. I got it at a decent price, and of course I love it.

2011 Topps 60 Robinson Cano auto

I still want to get my hands on the dual relic/auto /50 of Cano but I really don't see myself spending $50 on that right now. I think they will eventually come down to around $30 or $40 at most. If not, I'll do without it until a time where I can afford a $50 auto.

I need the following cards from 2011 Topps and have some Diamond Anniversary cards I can trade and some golds, also.

Robinson Cano gold
Robinson Cano black
Robinson Cano Diamond Anniversary
Robinson Cano dual relic/auto
Robinson Cano Leather Name Plate Black

Albert Pujols Gold
Albert Pujols LL gold
Albert Pujols Diamond Anniversary
Albert Pujols LL Diamond Anniversary
Albert Pujols Leather Name Plate
Albert Pujols Leather Name Plate black

Please let me know if you can trade any of those cards.

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