February 5, 2011

Like a good neighbor...

one of you will be there with 2011 Topps Cano/Pujols cards.

I have been scouring eBay for what I need from this set, and I feel like I will be able to trade for some of the cards before I buy them. There is one card that I reaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy want but I am still on the fence about what it is worth to me.

I made a somewhat low ball offer on this Cano dual relic auto /50, but I feel like I could go a little higher except for the fact that this guy is kind of on crack thinking he will get anywhere near that for Cano. I've purchased Pujols auto's for that money, and Cano is no Pujols that's for sure.

Maybe you guys can think of a fair price for this card that I can offer. There is one for auction, and that started at $49.99 which is a little more reasonable. I still feel like that's alot of money based on what I have paid for auto's /50 recently.

Has anyone pulled a Cano or Pujols anniversary or gold card yet? I am definitely looking for those so if you have any please let me know.

I am working on getting the cards out from the case break by early next week, the card shop was out of 200 count boxes last time I was there, so I am still short a few boxes and will pick up more on Monday. All the cards are sorted and I actually mailed out a few teams today already. I really understand why big sellers on eBay pay people to sort cards, I can't imagine sorting more than one case at a time.

P.S. How did I not know about this card?!!!


  1. I've got about 3000+ cards to sort over the course of three boring shifts if you wanna practice. C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it...

    and GL on your 2011 hunts!

  2. Guh. I was going to stealthily try and swoop in on that Pujols/Cabrera card--there were no bids as recently as this afternoon--but now it's up to $75. Might as well stop worrying about adding it to my collection right now.

  3. I'm a die Hard Yankees fan and I would't pay $50 for that #'d/50, sticker auto'd Cano card. I just don't think it's that great of a card. I know I'm way off, but that a $20-$30 card to me. Because of that, I wouldn't even put in an offer. I'd look for a card that suits my preferences more. Or offer the $25 and hope fore the best. I like the early Cano stuff better anyways. That's kinda weird to say, "early Cano stuff". What, is it like 5 years of Cano cards so far?

    The Pujols/Cano jersey card on the other hand is nice. Again, not $50 nice, but def way cooler than the Cano jersey/auto.

    Hope you land whichever card you want and for a good price. I especially hope to read about it!!!