February 16, 2011

How to keep a rumor going on the Internet - Leaf baseball edition

This is how a rumor starts.

As I continue my love fest with the fellas over at Freedom Cardboard, I came upon a thread where Leaf’s Brian Gray left a cryptic message. The OP mentioned how he wished Panini had baseball license.

Essentially, the OP wanted there to be more than just Topps. NO MONOPOLIES!

Gray's first response on the thread was this:

It says: "You may well get your wish for competition imminently ...

Does that mean there will be competition in the baseball world again?

Perhaps, but certainly not of the likes of the Topps and Upper Deck competition. Topps still has an exclusive license for at least the next four years – I believe – with the MLB. The only way there would be a new license is with the MLBPA, which means faces but no uniforms and logos.

Gray also posted there should news in about 2-3 weeks regarding this matter. So, I will sit here and twiddle my thumbs in the process.

This blog post is how you keep adding fuel to the fire.


  1. He teased a cryptic message on the radio show the week befor the Atlanta show saying, "Sooner than later you will see Leaf resemble what they have looked like in the past."

  2. I was expecting that with Upper Deck. If they had a MLBPA license they could do a lot of face shots ala Studio. Or action shots with covered up logos. I wouldn't have minded that from UD. I'm interested in seeing what Panini could come up with.

  3. Meh. I'll hold off judgment until I see them for myself, but a 'cryptic' message and four bucks will buy you a gallon of gas.

    What I'm expecting is something no more interesting or exciting than Elite Extra Edition. I'd actually like to be pleasantly surprised.

    Someday, people may make trading cards that aren't lawsuit bait.