February 2, 2011

Halladay SP in 2011 Topps...

Flash just sent me a link to Blow Out cards forums where people are posting box breaks of their 2011 Jumbos (you know, the case that we ordered but is trapped in a blizzard). Someone pulled an interesting Roy Halladay card, and now I will have to do some detective work to figure out if it's an SP/SSP or just a joke card like the Cliff Lee HK patch base card.

Take a look, what do you think?

This will be interesting as more people get deliveries of their cases, or break the ones they have.

Update: It's still early in opening this product, but it looks as though these cards are parallels. Several different players have showed up with the little twinkle. Some of them have been done well based on the pictures I've seen. Other not so much. I really like the Halladay version of the card though.

This Ike Davis one is ok.
Don't care for the David Price

By the way, these pics are from BrentandBecca's cases break.


  1. Someone theorized it might be like the pie cards. Could it be all the pitchers who threw a no hitter last year?

  2. Like the Robots said, "Fuck collectors. It's all about BIG MOJO HITZ!!!! and gimmicks."


  3. @Flash, good point, that could be it. As a Halladay collector, I noticed this right away, but the price they have (even for a best offer listing) is out of control. I need to find out what it's all about before I drop any money on it. It's a cool card, though.

  4. If it is for no-hitters then Halladay is the only one with it Series 1. Dallas Braden, Edwin Jackson, Ubaldo Jimenez and Matt Garza are absent from Series 1.

  5. I think it's a cool looking card. If perhaps one of my favorite players wound up with a similar one, I'd buy if it was a decent price.

  6. There appears to be a bunch of them, with no rhyme or reason. One of the blowout posters said they got four in a case, so those odds aren't that long...

  7. saw a mariano rivera one on the Bay. the other "DIAMOND SPARKLE" cards were hard for me to make out on the scan.

  8. Not sure why Ike Davis would warrant a twinkle.

    Maybe there's one per team?