February 10, 2011

FCB National THIS WEEKEND ... who's in?

This weekend, there is a big sports card show in Atlanta run by the very wonderful fellows at Freedom Cardboard. We've talked about FCB before the blog and have a great working relationship with them.

To help support my buddies, I'm headed out to the 2011 Sports Spectacular starting tomorrow.

If you're in the area, definitely try to stop by. Or get a last-minute flight to come on out.

One of the cool things about the show are the people who are going to sign. As of right now, Mike Vick, Jason Heyward, John Smoltz, CJ Spiller and a number of other athletes are scheduled to sign.

Last year, at the NSCC I spent way money than I needed. I am going to try and curtail my spending this weekend, but there are no guarantees.

If you can't make it – and there aren't really any good excuses – you can come to the chat room at FCB and watch live streaming video. I'm an attention hog, so I'm sure I'll make it camera once or twice.

While I'm out there, I intend on getting info for articles. Are there any topics you would like to see me cover or any questions you have for people out there?

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  1. Don't be a rube. Its not the FCB National. It's a small local show that FCB is paying money to attach their name to. They are not running it. National? Hahahaha