February 1, 2011

Damn you snow!

So as most of you are aware half the country is mid blizzard/ice/rain whatever storm right now. Our case of 2011 Topps Series 1 Jumbo baseball is currently trapped under almost 2 feet of snow in Chicago. Peachy.

Since I am obviously not opening that anytime soon, I decided to search eBay to see what's going on with the cards. I stumbled across one particular card that made me angry. I don't want to be annoyed with this product before I even see it with my own eyes and hold it in my hands, but really? Look at the ONE Robinson Cano auto that has hit eBay... It really "grinds my gears".

I certainly would not entertain even paying half that amount for the card the way it is.

Sometimes I feel like I am really too picky about the autographs I would be willing to buy, but honestly why should I spend $20 or more dollars on a card that looks half-assed? This is why cards should be signed on the cards, then there would be no reason to dislike it.

Please tell me someone else is this picky.


  1. We've always thought that sticker autos will lead to the end of civilization as we know it. CROOKED sticker autos indicate the end is imminent.

  2. It almost seems like some brainiac affixed the sticker at that angle on purpose to make the signature appear to be level with the card. sigh....

  3. Collectors are all picky in our own special ways.

    Oh, and I am buried under the "2 feet" of snow too. (it is actually only about 9" right [7PM] now but they are predicting up to 28")

  4. AlbuqwirkE-- interesting point. i went back and looked at it more and that would be goofy if someone did that manually with that thinking.

    dogfacedgremlin-- im sorry. best of luck digging out, i know your pain. we're waiting for an ice storm out of that, the snow is north of me.

  5. just peel that sucker off and superglue it back on straight. Ya can't do that with an on card auto!

  6. Picky is my middle name. Been looking at the 2011 game used listed on the bay. Most of the Yankees that I've seen have mis-matched swatches, that really p*sses me off.