February 21, 2011

Catching up on my PC

Lately I have ended up with some of the cards I was missing out of 2011 Topps and some prospects and rookies. I have to thank fellow bloggers and readers for hooking me up with the cards, and thinking of me. It's always nice to get something unexpected or expected in the mail because someone knows that I would appreciate the card.

I've said it so many times but that is what makes blogging even more fun. When I can pull a card that may have no value to me, but I can instantly think of where I will be sending it because I know that person would love to have it. I hope that younger kids that are just getting into collecting or thinking about it end up doing things the way we do around here.

With that being said I have to thank one of our Twitter friends and readers, @eRockFTW for sending along a couple of autographs that I would like. I sent over some football cards to him and his roommate and he hooked me up in return.

2010 Bowman blue refractor auto Corban Joseph I read up on him in last years Baseball Prospectus since I haven't picked up this years and they project him to either be a stud or a dud. It doesn't seem that he could be an average player judging by what they said. He's young so we'll see how he ends up panning out.

2010 Topps Chrome Ivan Nova auto

I love autographs of prospects but I just can't focus my energy or money on chasing them with the price that Cano and Pujols demand, so it's nice to have a couple to add to my Yankees prospect collection.

One of our buddies from the blogosphere, cynicalbuddha, sent me an e-mail telling me he had a certain card I hated but wanted. We agreed to swap the the appropriate cardboard (or almost, I probably owe him something else for it) and here it is...

Robinson Cano Leather Name Plate

Robinson Cano Diamond Anniversary

Finally, our of our readers wrote us an e-mail saying he enjoyed the blog and saw that I was looking for the Cano black glove card and he wanted to send it out. He also included a bonus glove card for us, and I wanted to say thank you to Todd for your generosity because I probably wouldn't own this card anytime soon if you weren't kind enough to send it out. I definitely owe you one, so if I ever pull anything you are looking for please shoot me an e-mail.

Robinson Cano Leather Name Plate /99

C.C. Sabathia Leather Name Plate

So my random question now is... Does anyone have any Yankee prospect auto's they want to get rid of or trade for? Let me know, I am going to try and get a few of them


  1. Awesome additions!

    and those prospects aren't too shabby either ;)

  2. I pulled the regular Topps 60 jersey of Cano. And it's red. Or maybe orange. Hopefully it's an All-Star swatch. Interested? or do you have one?
    Greg A

  3. Greg,

    I am trying to e-mail you about the Cano jersey card, but can't find your addy. Please e-mail me if it's still available.