February 23, 2011

Can't find the Sparkle? Craig is here to help

The Topps 60th anniversary is all about diamonds. Topps confirmed several days ago there were 60 sparkle variations in the set.

I can tell, we're all seeing a theme here.

It was difficult to find some of the sparkles on many of the cards. I must have looked at a David Price card for about five minutes until I determined the “sparkle” was just something on the Rays' jersey.

Craig's Topps Baseball card site has made it easier for collectors to spot the sparkle variants. He has pictures of all the variations and shows exactly where collectors should look for the card.

If you're trying to build the set, good luck. Some of these cards are going for high dollars, including the one of my main man Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter – we're talking the $50 range.
Shin-Soo Choo – around $30
David Wright - $20-$25
Albert Pujols – You'd be lucky to get it for $60.

But there are the easier pickups

Martin Prado - $20 or less
Desmond Jennings - $15-$20
Mat Latos - $12-$20
Manny Ramirez (as a White Sox) – around $15

Anyone chasing these cards? By the way, thank Craig if you get a chance for supplying pics of all the cards.


  1. Have you managed to score a copy of the Jeter sparkle yet?

  2. No. I am not going to pay $50 for a variation card of his.

  3. I'd like to get all of them but at those prices, no way. Maybe the variations would be easier?

  4. If they're going for that much, that automatically means I'll never see one.