February 2, 2011

2011 Topps Ernie Banks hits eBay

Here is a surprise: I haven't stopped searching on eBay all night. Since I now live in an igloo in the middle of the Arctic (NY), there is nothing else to do but play online.

While looking I noticed that the first Ernie Banks 60th Anniversary auto listed on eBay. However, it is a redemption card. When I mentioned this to Sooz she found it rather interesting that the card was a redemption. I'm guessing because there was a huge announcement about the inclusion of Banks' auto in the set, and then it turns out that you will have to wait for it if in fact you pull it. I'm sure she will explain what she thinks of it at some point.

There were a couple of other notable cards to hit eBay overnight and I thought you guys might like a few quick links to some of the nicer ones.

Felix Hernandez patch auto /50 Frankly, I love this card. It just looks awesome. (Update: seller raised the price by a whole lot.)

Robbie Cano auto This one is much better. Anyone want to buy it for me for Valentines Day?

Albert Pujols Leather name plate Umm... what? Great concept, poor execution.

Tim Lincecum World Series relic /100 Love it.

Brian Wilson World Series relic /100

Victor Martinez All Star Game relic 1/1 Very cool.


  1. That's not Ernie Banks, it's an Adam Lind Sweet Spot auto. I think you posted the wrong link.

  2. I'm loving 2011 Topps right now. I haven't had the luck of pulling any of the better inserts like you posted, but I'm feeling lucky. I hope the weather improves soon as I'm looking forward to the case group break!

  3. I fixed it, and the guy raised the price, by I want to say $120.... I can't remember what it was.

    Sorry for the link trouble, I was writing this til like 3am and was getting sleepy.

  4. I really like the design on the Lincecum card.

  5. If I had gotten in before the prices jumped, I'd say 2011 Topps looks fun.

    Since I didn't, I'll just grab the fun cards I don't want to do without off eBay & get a few packs if the weather ever cooperates. :)